Archive | August 31, 2011

#ROW80 Check In – Wednesday 31st August

I think this is going to be the best check-in of Round Three. I’ve actually achieved my weekly goal this week – and it’s only Wednesday. WOO!

Not only that, but I’ve had a count up of how I’m doing on the whole challenge, and it’s nowhere near as bad as I thought.

My goal is 250 words, 5 times a week. That means that by today I should have written 10,536 words (I know this cause I set up a clever little tracker – geek side coming through). I’ve actually written 8020 – not great, but I thought I’d be like 5k behind, not 2.5k. I probably shouldn’t be happy that I’m behind, but I’m happy I’m less behind than I could be. 2.5k isn’t all that much, and if I carry on going the way I have this week (615 on Monday, 358 Tuesday and 395 today), I’ll catch up in no time.

You never know, I might even finish ‘Holiday’ by the end of October!

Changing the subject slightly, can you believe it’s SEPTEMBER tomorrow? Eek! How did that happen?