Archive | September 16, 2011

How To Kick Yourself into Action… Or Break Things Trying

My laptop died last night. I had it sat there, on my bed, all excited and ready to go. I’d just moved the file I’ve been working on for the last month onto it (deleted it off my memory stick!) and was doing a bit of reading, and it died. It just went ‘zzzzzzzzzz’ and shut down. And wouldn’t come back on.

Boyfriend thought it may have blown a fuse, but after hunting for a while for a 13Amp fuse (note, we need to buy some spare fuses – taking them out of kettles isn’t ideal) and trying it, he found that wasn’t the problem. He then felt the laptop and said it was very very hot, maybe it was too hot and it would cool down. Half an hour late it was cool but still wouldn’t turn on.


I’m not panicking too much. Not too much. It’s not like I’ve NEVER backed anything from it up or anything. I keep meaning to, in fact when I turned it on yesterday it reminded me I need to, and I thought, sure, yeah, tomorrow. Not only had it got everything I’ve done in the 16 months on it, when I got it, I copied everything from my old laptop over too. So basically the last… um… 9 years of stuff. Photos, writing… well just photos and writing.

Right now, I’m not panicking. I’m not letting myself think about what this could mean. My mind totally hasn’t crept to the idea of losing everything. I don’t think I’d be sat here typing if I let my mind think too much about it.

Plus, there’s a couple of other factors.

Said boyfriend is amazing with computers. He may be able to fix it. If he can’t he assures me everything can be saved from it. I don’t know how, I don’t know if I believe it’s true, but I do believe he can do it (contradiction I know!). So at the moment I’m not thinking about it. 

The huge problem with this is… I was just about to get stuck back into Holiday. I’d gone in the bedroom to do some writing, and had found in a draw a load of scenes that I thought I had lost in the abyss! I was so excited. I read one of the scenes, and it was really good. Well, I thought it was anyway. That’s got me back into it.

I also ordered my post it notes on the bedroom wall – I was going to update them, but couldn’t find any blank ones.

But now my laptop’s died… I’m convinced it’s not going to stop me writing. This is a story I have to tell, and I’m GOING to get it out. In fact, I’m going to do some writing in just a minute.

I really need to blog about the amazing awards that the fantastic Em at ‘Loves to Read, Wants to Write’ and PT_Writer at ‘Tales From the Writer’s Laptop’ have given me. Unfortunately I’ve run out of time to do it now, but I’ll try over the weekend. Until then, go, take a look at their blogs – they are both FANTASTIC!