Archive | September 19, 2011

Sunday 18th’s Late Check In

Oh. My. God. This is the penultimate check in for this round of ROW80. Eek!

Well. It’s obviously much too early to do a round up, I’ve still got today, tomorrow and Wednesday to go. But, it’s really not looking good.

At the end of round 2, I estimated that I would have written about 7k in the time, had I not have been doing ROW80. Hmm. This round is the same length of time (the ‘In 80 days’ gives it away a bit doesn’t it!) so the same stands. I guess I could look positively and say, yay, I’ve done more than that. BUT, it’s only a thousand more. Nearly 2 thousand.

I guess I do still have until Wednesday. 11.59 on Wednesday too. If I can just do a couple of days of full on writing… I’ve just done 282 words. I can probably squeeze some more in after work, before I leave the office, then a few more when I get home. Tomorrow I can’t at lunch, but could after work. Wednesday I’m going toChichesterfor work, so technically will have the train journeys, but I’ll be with a colleague so not sure if I’ll be able to. But will definitely be able to after work.

At the moment it’s not too bad. But there’s less than 72 hours to bad.

I’m going to give it a go. I need 5474 more words to reach my target for this round. Possible but not probable. I’m just going to aim for ‘as many as I can’ for the next few days!

I don’t know if I’ll join for Round 4 (I presume there will be a round 4? I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be… would there?). It would probably be a good idea, but it’s not really worked for me this time. Maybe a break of a few weeks is what I need before I just on the round 4 wagon. I don’t know. If you’re a ROW-er, are you carrying on with the next round?