Archive | September 28, 2011

National Novel Writing Month 2011

Ok, I’m going to admit it. I’m in.

I’d been holding out saying anything for sure because I hadn’t decided 100% if I should or not. Reasons for not doing it: by the end it would mean my written novels total – 2 finished 1st draft (providing I finish ‘Holiday’ by the end of October) and 2 half/three-quarters done. Apparently that’s  the only thing that has been stopping me from wanting to take part. Ooh, there’s also the fact that once it’s over it takes me about 3 months to start writing again.

My reasons for wanting to do it:

  • I love a challenge
  • I’m so competitive with myself I like to prove I can do it
  • I love the London NaNo events – both meeting the people and the atmosphere at write ins. And of course the drinks after sometimes.
  • I like being one of those 100,000 odd mad people who take part – each year I think –I’m doing it, I’m one of them!
  • I like the idea of having another novel I’ve written/part written

When you look at it like that, there’s no choice is there. 1 pretty rubbish reason vs 5 much better reasons.

Plus when I blogged about not doing it a while ago, I had so many people on here trying to talk me into it. And then in real life my boyfriend told me I was stupid not to consider doing it.

So for the last month or so, it’s been at the back of my mind. I’ve been thinking I’ll probably do it, but just wasn’t 100% sure.

Until last night.

I was doing the washing up, thinking about something and nothing – kind of imagining a situation – as you do. Then I realised that was silly, silly for my life, but could work for a novel. And my idea for NaNo was born.

I spent the rest of the time in the kitchen last night (I made sure dinner took a while and I did all the washing up and cleaning up) thinking about it, and then in the shower I thought more about it and developed it more.

I totally think it’s got legs! When I first thought it up I thought the MC would be a woman in her early 30s. Maybe late 20s. But, I kind of think she might be 17/18 instead. Right now it doesn’t really matter. I need to concentrate on ‘Holiday’ to get that finished by 31st October. I’ll make a few notes on this new novel but try not to let it encroach on my thoughts too much.

In other news, Jane Fallon linked yesterday’s blog about her party on Monday night on her Facebook page. I admitted it was me – on Facebook. For anyone to see. That’s a pretty big step! Look at me go!

I’ve just been for a 30 minute walk. Right now I feel like I’m battling with myself for time exercising and time writing. If I’m at home the battle becomes three-way with spring cleaning. I’ve got a plan for the rest of the week though: tonight after work write for 40 minutes before I head out. Tomorrow lunch time write for 30 minutes, tomorrow after work run home (a friend’s coming for dinner, but she’s not going to be at mine until 7.30 – plenty of time), then friday… Ok I’ve not got as far as Friday. I don’t think I have any plans in the evening, and the boy will probably be out, so I’ll probably run home, then write when I get there.

I love having a plan.

Are you doing NaNo? How ready for it are you?