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Sunday 9th Oct #ROW80 Check-In

(Written Sunday)

I’ve not done it for a while, so I’m just going to take a second to ponder how the hell it got to the second week in October? Seriously! That’s quarter four of the year. HOW? Soon I’ll be doing my year end round ups! Ok, that’s a while away, I need to get through #ROW80 and NaNoWriMo first. Still though, October?

And now down to the real stuff – writing!

Round Four of #ROW80 started on a real high – 588 words, and half an hour of planning on Monday – then carried on for most of the week, with 511 on Tuesday, 608 on Wednesday and 806 on Thursday. My plan for Friday was to come home and write a whole load more.

Plans don’t always come together – especially when you do things to change them. Dinner and drinks with a friend wiped out any chance of writing. But I knew it was ok really, because I was 13 words ahead of my target to that day.

Dinner and drinks (heavy drinks) weren’t too conducive to writing yesterday, and after getting forced to write by boyfriend, and sitting in front of a screen for half an hour, I gave up. I know if I really really tried I could have got some out, but I was tired, I was hungover, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. Plus, I’m mid drinking scene – that would’ve been hard yesterday (although I’ve only thought up that excuse today!).

So today I’m aiming to get back on track. Hence laptop out at 10am. I said on twitter this morning that I’m aiming for 1,000 words to catch up (or 987 to be precise) but I’m actually thinking of having a NaNoWriMo warm up day, and aiming for 1,667! It’s doable, but I do have household chores to do too, and shopping and quite a bit of cooking (yep, I’m about to turn into my mum and cook stuff just cause it’s going to go off if I don’t – I’m so grown up, or maybe stupid for leaving it until the last day possible??).

So, now I need to find my memory stick to get the scene I’m currently writing. Not to make excuses, but I left it on the bed yesterday and boyfriend cleared up (love him!), so I don’t know where it is. He’s asleep. I may wake him to find out where he put it. OR, I may go cook a Full English Breakfast to wake him up with – then I look like the good guy 😉

If you’re doing ROW80 good luck with the second week!

*Edit Monday – I tried, I tried really hard with the NaNo warm up day… and succeeded. I wrote 1733 yesterday – woop woop!!*