Every Last One by Anna Quindlen

The Lathams seem to have it all: health, wealth and a vibrant family life.As Mary Beth Latham contemplates a life built around home, friends and community, she has every reason to feel fulfilled and content.

Then, for one of her sons, a process of unravelling begins. Mary Beth starts to focus on him, only to find that the comfortable life she has spent years carefully constructing is shattered in a single moment.Forced to confront her own demons, Mary Beth realises how the inconsequential moments we all share – and one shameful act she has hidden from everybody – may have contributed to her fate.

I wasn’t really expecting this to be a mystery/suspense novel, but once it kicked in I think it was. Although it was more a family saga (I’ve totally stolen that from what amazon says it is).

I was really excited about this book, the premise was so good. The problem was that it took too long to get going and into the action. It’s very family based, told from the mother’s POV who has three teenage children – maybe this is why I couldn’t get into it, I’m not a mother. When stuff started happening, it was a massive surprise, I totally don’t see it coming, and it is heartbreaking, I did cry, so it moved me.

I tend to like books with a faster pace than this, so I did originally think I wouldn’t read any other Anna Quindlen novels, but because the plot was so good, I think if I find another I like the sound of I’ll give it try.

2 thoughts on “Every Last One by Anna Quindlen

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