Stats, Reading and Writing

I hate to admit it, but I can be a real geek sometimes. You want proof? Looky what I made last night when I realised how above my goal I was…


We were only on day 8, but I was a whole 1,000 words ahead (1072 to be exact). I love doing graphs and stuff, if they show how well I’m doing. That’s probably one of the things I like most about NaNoWriMo – there’s a daily graph on the website when you check in.

That’s never enough for me though is it? No, I have to have my own graph too. Yes, I am aware it’s a procrastination tool, but it also works to motivate me. Looking at how ahead of myself I am now, I’m really inspired to write more, and more, and hopefully more. Having this graph to go by, and the spreadsheet to fill in every day makes me WANT to write more. I just love it when the actual line is above the goal line.

If you missed my check in on Sunday (fine, Monday, I wrote it Sunday) you will have missed mt  mega exciting Sunday word count. I decided to do a ‘NaNo warm up day’ and give myself a 1,667 word goal for the day (I know, I’m nuts sometimes!). Not only did I reach that, I exceeded it, by 66 to get a total of 1,733. Woop! If you saw the blog, sorry I had to mention it again, I’m just so proud of myself.

Yesterday (Monday) I wasn’t feeling very motivated, but when I got home and found boyfriend wasn’t coming back for a while, I got suddenly motivated. Enough to build up another 826 words. SO proud of myself.

The thing I’m not too happy about, was to get to all those words, I had to make a couple of jumps, one along a scene a bit, and the other to an entirely different scene a couple of chapters later. That annoys me a little, because at the moment I’m trying to fill in as many gaps as possible, make it 1 document not 17. Hmmm. The thing is though, I got words out, and if I was thinking something good for another bit, then so be it. If I had have kept it in, who knows if I would have remembered it when I got there?

I’ve just realised in writing this, I’ll have nothing to check in with tomorrow. Well, I will, I’ll have today’s and tomorrow’s achievements to post. Hopefully that will be a whole lot more!

A few weeks ago I went through my read books this year. I’m doing 2 challenges – The Mystery & Suspense Reading Challenge and the A to Z Reading Challenge. I’m doing ok in both (up to T for the alphabet one, and 9 out of 12 for the M&S), but what I haven’t been doing is reviews. Doh! It’s the reviews that prove I’ve been doing it. And I’m failing! Oops!

Last night I decided to change that. And wrote 3 reviews. I’ll post them also today, and link them back to both challenges.

Also last night, I decided that although I’m loving The Happiness Project, it’s not getting me anywhere with my challenges. I’ve read R (Gretchen Rubin wrote THP – I read Trans AM by Rob Ryan) and it’s really not a mystery or suspense book, whatever spin I put on it.

It’s now October – well into October.  I will be doing minimal reading in November (I can’t write 1,667 words a day, look after a house, eat, have a tiny social life AND read. Jeez, no!) so that gives me about eight weeks to read: 4 more M&S books and 7 more from T to Z for the A-Z. Of course they can overlap, T for instance will be a M&S too – I’ll try to get as many more as I can to overlap. OK, thinking of the logic, and the amount of time left, I’m going to have to overlap the rest of the M&S with the A-Z. 7 is maybe doable. I’m not sure if any more is.

I’ve now scared myself. I don’t think I’m doing to be able to finish the A-Z challenge. I might be able to. It just seems quite a lot to do, as well as writing 500 words a day in Oct & Dec and 1,667 in November. And do all the things I wrote about above. And I really want to join the gym in November. OK, I need to stop thinking about this now, I’m scaring myself!


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