Still Going Well – ROW8- Check-in 12th Oct

I’m still rocking my word goal this week. OK, so that means Monday and Tuesday, not that long, but I’m still rocking it. Because I’m loving the graph thing, and as I’ve done more words than yesterday when I did a graph (here) here’s another to show my progress:


He he. I’m loving this. Even more I’m loving that the actual line is getting higher and higher above the goal line.

Last night I got home, cooked and watched a movie. I then turned on the laptop to write, but couldn’t get anywhere. Eventually I started writing, got into it, and managed 611 words. pretty good going. Obviously not as good as 1733 on Sunday, or the 826 on Monday (yes, I’m bragging that I’m doing so much better than my 500 word goal every day!).

On Sunday, on the check-in blog, Kate suggested getting a buddy for the challenge. I didn’t have to look for one, because one came looking for me. The lovely Laura from NovelKicks and her own blog, sent me a text asking if I wanted to buddy up with her. As I met her in real life a few weeks ago, and know I really like her, I quickly agreed.

Man is she tough. She’s been texting me everyday to find out how I’m doing. I think yesterday I might not have done any, if it wasn’t for her asking how I’d done. Thanks Laura. πŸ™‚

I’ve got 2 hours of train journeys tomorrow for work. I’m really looking forward to it, because it means I get to sit and read on work time – woop! I’ve just started Mitigating Circumstances by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg. I’m only on page 21 but already getting into it. I’ve not read a proper thriller for ages, and I feel like this is just what I need right now. Bring on tomorrow!



9 thoughts on “Still Going Well – ROW8- Check-in 12th Oct

  1. I also love graphs! I like to use a site for kids to make my sales figures graphs. I have my 11-year old help me, thus it’s educational for him! πŸ™‚

    Great job on the word counts. Don’t get discouraged if you have an off day, either. Sometimes those daily goals can turn into landmines if you miss it one day, and then the next etc. I applaud those who can do daily goals, 100%! I can’t. My time isn’t always my own since I have kids. πŸ™‚ but i can’t wait to watch you ROW80 journey.

  2. Maybe I should create graphs to measure my goals too. I’m thinking it could be a way to bring two of my loves together. I love writing. I love painting abstract works. My graph, with all its ups and downs, could be a great launching pad for a new painting.

    Anyhoo…congrats on doing so well. I’ve partnered up too, but we were only going to check in once a week. Wow! Talk about accountability! Good for you.

    All the best for continued word count success.


  3. Fantastic job so far staying above your word-count goals, Ali! The graph is such a neat idea. Charts are kind of a weakness. Look at that lovely progress (Mine would have distressingly large gaps & spikes).

    And congrats on finding a writing buddy! They are probably one of the most effective tools. My writing buddy (who I dragged into doing ROW80 with me) constantly gives me those, “have you written yet….are you writing RIGHT NOW?!” messages that keep me from flitting off onto some frivolous, time-wasting website (oh how I love those frivolous, time-wasters <3).

    Good luck with the rest of the week!

  4. Graphs! Oh, how I love them! Nothing is better than seeing that little line climb upwards and onwards as you add to the WIP. πŸ˜€

    Enjoy the train ride, and the chance to get some fun reading in!

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