Archive | November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo – The Beginning

It’s 1st November – NaNo is ON!

I had a thought yesterday that it would be cool to stay up late and make a start on The Man of My Dreams at midnight. Then I decided I was too tired. Then at 11.55 I was still up so decided I would.

35 minutes later my novel had 1127 words – woop! I’ve been gagging to write that scene which is why it was so easy to write that many in that little time. Unfortunately I don’t think all 50x that amount will be so easy (or quick). I can but hope though.

Off home now to write. I wanted to go to a write-in (I always got so much done at them last year), but I’m having computer problems. My laptop died and boyfriend was going to fix an old one up for me. He’s not got round to it, and won’t let me borrow his shiny new one – meany! Hopefully he’ll be able to sort one for later in the week. I know I could go and hand write, but that really doesn’t appeal right at the beginning.

I’m going to try for 800 more before dinner, then 800 after dinner. That will leave me 1k words ahead on day one. That’s a figure I like πŸ™‚