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Another Late ROW80/NaNo Check-in

Honestly, I promise sometime to get the internet at home, and therefore get my Sunday check-ins on the correct day. Well, that, or think up more excuses over missing them.

NaNo is going… well. I find it hard saying good or well, when I’m still behind, but I’m behind because of my lack of effort last week, the last three days have been awesome.

I had Friday off work to go to my cousin’s in Cambridge for the night. She was busy in the morning, so I didn’t go until after lunch, which left me  the morning to write. I looked on the NaNo site and a load of people were doing an 11-Hour Challenge – writing for 11 hours. I wish I had’ve had 11 hours to join in, but didn’t. Some people were doing 11,111 words (all 11 related because of it being 11.11.2011). Again, no way. Some 11 pages. Nu-uh. So, I created my own 11 challenge – 1,111 words from 11am on 11.11.11. At 11.02 I started (after the 2 minute silence I took for remembrance day – even though I was alone) and wrote for about half an hour – getting the 11,111. Yay. I’d already done some, so my total for Friday was 2.3k.

Saturday was NaNoRilla (guerilla novelling around London). A group of nearly 30 of us walked around London writing in different places. This year, I decided NOT to take my (boyfriend’s) laptop. It’s just soo heavy and would have made me grumpy. So with a pen and notepad I went along. After writing in a pub, a train station (St Pancras), a library (The British Library), a coffee shop/pub/restaurant, a park and then a museum (The British Museum), I made a total of… Guess how many words… I don’t think you will… 2,500 words. WOOP! I was so impressed with that. The only problem is I now have to type it up at some point.

Sunday I was home alone as the boyfriend was at his mum’s for the weekend. I wrote a list (love lists) of the things I needed to do – including 3,000 words. By the end of the day I’d got 2,300 and most of my list done.

So I’m still 1.5k behind. But that’s much better than the 4k I was behind on Friday morning. My graph now looks rather crazy. I’ve just tried to upload it, but for some reason can’t save it. Hmmm. Here’s a photo instead (taken off the computer, so pretty bad quality, so please excuse that):



See, I’m now doing well. Lets just ignore those days last week where I did very little (and the few I did none).

I’d like to keep that sharp spike from the weekend at the same angle. It means doing over 2k today. I was going to do some at lunch, but I’ve spent too long on this blog (trying to add the silly graph) to be able to. I’ve spent a lot of the morning emailing friends and family, so should probably do some work!

I’ll definitely do some tonight. I need to go shopping, but then might enlist boyfriend to cook dinner while I write my 2k. Hmmmm. Maybe he’ll read this and offer himself (hello you if you are reading it!).

Either way, I’m not liking this being behind, but I’m enjoying catching up. Let it carry on.

How’s NaNo/ROW80/your project going? I’m trying to get round other people’s blogs, but unfortunately not as successfully as I’d like. Sorry!