Archive | November 16, 2011

NaNoWriMo – Halfway There

Just a very quick blog here because I want to leave work ASAP, but as I’m thinking about it, a ROW80 check-in on time would be good (if not a complete surprise to everyone reading!)

I also feel I HAVE to blog, just to spread the news – I’ve caught up! Yay! Last night at the write-in I hit 25k. Wooop *dances round in the corner* It was such a relief to get there. What it means is that everyday for the last 5 days I’ve written over 2.3k. I’m well impressed with that.

I’d really like to keep going with that many. Tonight is going to be a struggle because I’m tired and in a little pain (just girly ones as I like to call them, nothing horrendous) so after making dinner, I doubt I’m going to feel like writing. But I WILL make myself. I can’t spend so much time catching up, just to go and fall behind on the next day. No, I WILL make 1,667 words tonight. I just hope I can make more.

I’ve just remembered Em and Lauren do a 7pm (British time) sprint for an hour. I’ve not been in for ages to do that, but I think I can hear it calling me tonight. That should get the words in. Woop!

Hope all you WriMos are doing well, and you too non-WriMos!