NaNoWriMo – Halfway There

Just a very quick blog here because I want to leave work ASAP, but as I’m thinking about it, a ROW80 check-in on time would be good (if not a complete surprise to everyone reading!)

I also feel I HAVE to blog, just to spread the news – I’ve caught up! Yay! Last night at the write-in I hit 25k. Wooop *dances round in the corner* It was such a relief to get there. What it means is that everyday for the last 5 days I’ve written over 2.3k. I’m well impressed with that.

I’d really like to keep going with that many. Tonight is going to be a struggle because I’m tired and in a little pain (just girly ones as I like to call them, nothing horrendous) so after making dinner, I doubt I’m going to feel like writing. But I WILL make myself. I can’t spend so much time catching up, just to go and fall behind on the next day. No, I WILL make 1,667 words tonight. I just hope I can make more.

I’ve just remembered Em and Lauren do a 7pm (British time) sprint for an hour. I’ve not been in for ages to do that, but I think I can hear it calling me tonight. That should get the words in. Woop!

Hope all you WriMos are doing well, and you too non-WriMos!

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Halfway There

  1. Wow, you go, girl!! I see the wordcounts on Twitter after those sprints, and it would be a good part of your 1667, I’m sure. Nothing like some competition to get the muse working!

    That’s great news, and it is good to “see” you again!

  2. Well done on catching up and glad the write in was so productive. I haven’t taken part in the events that go on around here, not that there have been many but next time I would like to if I don’t manage this time.

    Fingers crossed you make your word count tonight…sometimes when you feel grotty it is just too tempting to curl up with a hot water bottle and watch telly….or is that just me?!
    Thank you for the recent comment on my blog…and sorry I said 10 if it wasn’t….the number side of this challenge is killing me!! I am definately up for more challegnes with you….so motivating!

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