December & #ROW80 New Challenge

NaNo is over. Yay! That means I get to stop writing, right?


Every year (well the other 2 years I’ve done NaNo), I stop writing in December – telling myself I ‘need’ a break. Both years it’s taken me until the following SUMMER to start writing again. I couldn’t do that again.

Luckily boyfriend came up with a plan to stop that.

We created a day by day challenge for me to encompass writing, blogging, exercise and also healthy eating (not at all stolen from other ROW80ers that have exercise for one of their goals). We constructed 9 DAILY goals for me. 9. Yes, NINE! Crazy huh! The daily nine goals are:


  • Write 500 words
  • Write 500 words (twice so if I don’t make the whole 1,000 words I don’t fail a whole goal, I get 2 chances at it!)
  • Write a blog


  • Walk/run 2km
  • 20 minutes exercising on the Wii (or at the gym)
  • Exercises for my knee


  • Eat 1400 cals per day or less
  • Eat 5 fruit/veg portions
  • NO chocolate (except from my 2 advent calendars)

It then gets complicated. For each goal I successfully attain that day, I get a point. If I get all 9 points in 1 day I get a bonus point. If at the end of a week I’ve got 60 points or more, I get a bonus 5 points. There’s also 20 ‘extra special’ bonus points that can be awarded at any time over the month.

And as this is all in points, you know the old saying – points make prizes. That’s true here too.

If I get to 80 points in the first 2 weeks (I think, it may have been 20 days?), I get 2 Wii games of my choice (1 has to be something fitnessy that will help with the Wii challenge). If I reach 150 points, I get a pair of boots. And if I get 300 points, I get a £150 pound shopping spree!!!

How incredibly awesome is my boyfriend? Seriously. If that doesn’t motivate me to write, exercise, eat well and blog, I really don’t know what will.

Because I love charts and spreadsheets and stuff, we (he) came up with this awesome chart, to keep track of how I’m getting on:

How cool is that? Hopefully I’m going to get stars to use, but at the moment I get green dots. I am so so so excited about it. How sad am I!

I’m also adding another daily goal myself for ROW80 – to visit at least 1 blog a day. I used to read lots and lots a day, but got out of the habit, saying I didn’t have time. I’m sure I can manage 1 a day – by the end I’ll probably be visiting like 5.

Today is the first day. So far I’m not doing great. In fact, this blog will be my first point for the day 😦 I’m also a little worried I’m not going to get many more because I’m SOOOO tired. NO! I can’t mess up day 1. I will go home and write and exercise and stuff!

Are YOUR ROW80 goals changing for December (if you’re a ROW80er). If you’re not, what ARE your goals for December?

2 thoughts on “December & #ROW80 New Challenge

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