#ROW80 Check in – ON TIME!

Can you believe it? I’m writing (and more importantly posting) a blog on a Sunday – on time for ROW80. This has to be a first. Unfortunately it’s not because we’ve got the internet at home (I’m still on his back for this one – when I remember), but it’s due to the new library 5 mins from my house.

I’ve been here pretty much every day since it opened – is that a little sad? I’m totally loving it though. I’ve mainly been blogging here, but a lot of people come here to read – there’s a ton of chairs lining the windows – some of which overlooking Canada Water itself, which has swans and stuff. It’s really awesome!

Anyho, goals. My post where I made my goals for ROW80 (and the rest of December) was not on a check in day, so for those of you that missed them here they are (for more detail, and details of the prizes as set by my boyf, the post is here):


  • Write 500 words
  • Write 500 words (500 twice so if I don’t make the whole 1,000 words I don’t fail a whole goal, I get 2 chances at it!)
  • Write a blog


  • Walk/run 2km
  • 20 minutes exercising on the Wii (or at the gym)
  • Exercises for my knee


  • Eat 1400 cals per day or less
  • Eat 5 fruit/veg portions
  • NO chocolate (except from my 2 advent calendars)

Well, December is going REALLY well. On Thursday I hit 7/9 goals, Friday 8/9 then yesterday 9/9. I’m progressively getting better. I seem to be really good at my 3 excercise goals – I’ve hit those 3 all 3 days. I’ve blogged everyday so far too, and on total written 2,750 words, so really only 250 words behind.

I’m finding 1,000 so much easier than I thought I would (I guess that’s comparitively after NaNo). Yesterday’s words started REALLY hard, and to be honest the only thing that kept me going was the desire to hit all 9 goals for the first time. It was probably because I’d hit the end of the scene I was writing, so had to go forward and change the next one (already written) so it now makes sense. Hopefully I’ve done it, but I won’t really know until February when I start editing. I’m fine with that.

Because I’ve finished that scene, I’m now a little lost again. I kind of know what’s coming next, but I feel like there should be something in between this and that. I just don’t yet know what. Hopefully if I just keep typing Lizzie (MC) will show me!

The final section of my daily goals is the one that I’m finding the hardest – but I expected that. Eating well. I’ve managed 5 fruit and veg everyday, and managed NOT to eat chocolate at all (it’s killing me I can assure you) but eating less that 1400 calories a day is HARD. I managed it yesterday, but I think I need a lot more planning to achieve it everyday! I’ll get there I’m sure!

As you know how much I love colourful stuff:

How’s everyone else’s Decembers going? Are you hitting your goals?

2 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check in – ON TIME!

  1. I am so impressed with all of your goals! I am still pondering what is next so have set myself a reading goal so atleast I feel I am achieving something!

    Keep up the good work and I love the snow fallign on your blog! So pretty and festive!

    • Thanks Em, I’m not too sure if you should be impressed though, or just think I’m stupid – I’m undecided.
      Also thanks for mentioning my snow, I love it but wasn’t sure if it actually looked any good!

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