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#ROW80 Check in – Wednesday 7th December

Ha ha, look at me. Two check ins for ROW80 in a row ON TIME! I am getting good!

You know what else is going good? My goals for this round/December. Really well. Since my last check -in on Sunday, I’ve hit all my goals every day. Ok, so that’s only 3 (including Sunday), but I’m still really proud of it. Yay, go me.

That means every day I’ve done my 3 writing goals (write 500 words, write another 500 words, write a blog), my 3 exercise goals (walk 2km, 20 minutes+ on the Wii and my knee exercises) and my 3 eating goals (5 portions fruit and veg, no chocolate and less than 1400 calories). On top of that, I’ve also completed my other goal of visiting 1 blog a day. I really want to get better at this one – 2 blogs a day isn’t too much to do at all.

To prove how happy with it I am, I’m going to post a little picture of my chart this week:

Isn’t it lovely! All those green dots!

The green dots are actually supposed to be stars. Someone hasn’t bought me stars though, so I’m having to do with dots. I’m not all that happy about it, but there are worse things that happen! The point of this is I’m completing them – not I’m getting marks on a chart. I lie. I’m loving getting the marks on the chart. I can say 100% that I would not be doing this well without the chart.

I read something somewhere about someone (helpful eh)* needing recognition for the things they do. I am so like that, if I do something well, I want to tell the whole world, and get praise for it too if I’m honest! Prizes are even better (if you’ve not been reading about this challenge, each dot on the chart is a point, and if I get a certain numner of points I get certain prizes – Wii games, boots, shopping sprees!), but it’s not really about the prizes (yeah, I hardly believe that either, but it’s true), I just love filling in the chart and doing well.

I probably would have accepted this challenge even without the prizes, but shhhhhhh, don’t tell the boyfriend…

I’m struggling with the book I’m reading (Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto). I don’t know if there’s something I don’t like in the translation, but I’m just finding it a little repetitive and slow, and so I’m not excited about reading it. This has happend for the last few books I’ve read, and it’s frustrating. Especially because I’d heard such good things about Banana’s novels. There are so many other books I want to read this month, that I know are going to be good, that I don’t want to carry on with something that’s hard. But at the same time, I’m not ready to put it down. Sigh. I want everything me don’t I!

*Just remembered it was Gretchen Rubin in her book The Happiness Project.