Archive | December 14, 2011

Another #ROW80 Check-In

Time is flying. I cannot believe it’s Wednesday already, time for another check-in. It literally feels like yesterday that I did my last one, but apparently that was 4 days ago. How?

This week is going… ok. Better than the end of last week, but not as good as the beginning of last week. Yesterday I got 7/9 goals, Monday 8/9 and Sunday I think 8/9. It’s not great, it’s not 9/9, but it’s consistently pretty good.

On Monday I came to the library and rented Just Dance 3. I got to enough points on Sunday to ‘win’ my first level prize – 2 Wii games. The problem was that I didn’t have a clue which ones I wanted. I decided to rent one this week, and 1 next week, to get an idea of which ones to pick. If I had have thought of it before, I would have rented them a couple of weeks ago, so we could have gone out on Monday and bought them, but hey, lets not think about that one!

Just Dance 3 is so much fun. When I first started playing it I felt like an idiot (didn’t help that a certain someone was watching me!), but now I’m getting more into it and learning the routines a little more, I’m finding it great fun – and, it must be burning a ton of calories – I sweat like hell when I’m doing it!

I guess I should really talk more about the actual goals, not just the prizes (no fun!).

The one I’m not doing too well on at the moment is the writing one – you know, the most important one. On Monday I had the day off. I wrote 600 words in the morning, then kept thinking I’d write the other 400 later… then it got later so I thought I’d do them even later… and so on until I didn’t do any more. I’m really annoyed with myself because I could have easily done them first thing, but instead I did some reading, and surfed Twitter and Facebook. Rar!

Yesterday, I didn’t write anything (other than a blog – no novel-writing). When I was at work I heard about a job that I’m interested in applying for. I spoke to the person recruiting for it who said she’d be happy for me to apply. That meant last night I had to concentrate on rewriting my CV. OR starting to anyway, I didn’t get any further than editing it a little (a lot acutally). Tonight’s job is to add my current job and action on the electronic version the changes I made on the paper one yesterday.

Because I spent so long on the CV last night, after dinner, and the book club (which was straight after work), and I’d played on the Wii (important goal) there just wasn’t time to write too. Hopefully tonight. No, definitely tonight!

Tomorrow’s the Christmas party – the day I’m dreading because I may lose so many points. Hopefully I’ll be able to rack up a lot earlier in the day, so do too bacly. And hopefully I won’t get too drunk, so won’t lose too many on Friday with the hangover like I did last week! Fingers crossed!