A Plan for 2012

I’m slowly starting to think about my goals for next year. The major one has to be to edit The Man of My Dreams and try to get it published. HUGE step I know. I was thinking I’ll finish it this year (not sure about that one now – I’ve been so bad in the last few days!), have January off, then edit February and March and submit it to editors at the end of March/April.

But last weekend I came up with a better idea.

Every year the Romantic Novelists Association open their doors to UNPUBLISHED authors in their New Writers’ Scheme. The NWS allows those members access to events, and to submit a manuscript to them to get a published author read it and comment! Uh, yes please!

I tried to join in 2010, but by mid January when I tried to apply, all the spaces had been filled (there are only 250 each year).

I think this is totally the right step for me, at the right time. I know lots of writers from NaNo, but none write romance – they’re mostly fantasy or Sci-fi or something. By joining this, I’ll get to know (hopefully) romance people too! Woop! Of course I’ll get to go and learn stuff at events. And I’ll get to submit a manuscript! For commenting on. Before I send it to an agent. How awesome!

So I now need to get accepted into the program. They’ve changed the way they’ve done it this year, you need to submit an email, then if you’re successful, send a payment. Then you have a few weeks to send the payment. That’s really good because it means if I get in, I will be able to make the payment from my January pay (on 20th) – woop! It also means their website won’t freeze with people applying, or them having to temporarily close applications while they wait to see if all the spaces are filled (I think that’s what happened the year I tried!).

When I had this idea, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It’s just perfect. PERFECT. Imagine, being a member (if only via the New Writers’ Scheme) of the Romantic Novelists’ Association. I’ve read tweets and comments on Facebook from people going to events – imagine if next year, I’ll be one of them? Seriously!!?

And, the novel submission thing. How awesome is that. They may comment on characters, plotting structure, as well as giving advice! How awesome is that! Seriously! I’m getting all excited AGAIN about it! I was so excited last weekend, I spent half of Sunday on their website!

Fingers crossed for me please everyone that I get a place – that would be a dream come true! Eek!

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