Archive | December 19, 2011

Nearing The End – ROW80

As I wrote that title, I wished I was about to say I’m nearing ‘The End’ of the novel. Unfortunately, it’s not, I mean ROW80.

I can’t believe we’re in the last 3 days of the 80 days of this challenge. I guess I need to do a round-up when it finishes, so just a normal (late) check-in today then.

This week has not been too bad. Thursday I had my Christmas party at work, but still managed to get 3 or 4 stars. Woop! Friday I was hung over but still managed to get 8 points – plus a ‘bonus’ point each of those days. Not bad. Saturday I got 10, then yesterday 6.

All in all last week, I got 48 points. I’m actually a bit upset about that, because I got 48 the week before, and had 2 days where I got 4 points between them! I did have 3 days of 10 points though! Last week, I didn’t get 10 until Saturday, but consistently lost points each day. I’ve got the excuse that I had bad period pains on a couple of the days, so just couldn’t sustain it, then another day I had to re-write my CV, so had to prioritise that (glad I did, I’ve got an interview on Wedenesday – yay!) 

This week, I’m aiming for 60. If I get 60 points a week, I get a bonus 5 points.

This week is going to be hard though. I’m going out tomorrow night, so that takes time away from writing and Wii-ing, then on Saturday it’s Christmas Eve. I don’t think I can keep up with it over Christmas, but we’ll see!

Last week, my boyfriend came home with the week’s chart printed out for me. He’d changed the stars to spots where I added the sticker (seeing as we had spot stickers it kind of makes sense – I originally wanted stars, but once I’d been using spots for a while I wanted to keep it the same not change half way through). He thought it was a great idea, but I liked the stars. Adding the sticker to a star shape gave more of a boost than adding a sticker to a circle. I’ve asked him for a star chart again for this week, fingers crossed for me.

This isn’t an up to date chart (I took it for my midweek check in, then forgot last week), but see how it’s spots on the chart not stars…


This week is going to be good. I got given a chocolate Santa as part of my secret-santa present, and it’s sitting on my desk watching me. I’m resisting though – I want to start the week on a high (well, 2nd day – my weeks start on Sunday).

My daily goals are:

Writing – write a blog, write 500 words, write another 500 words.

Exercise – walk 2km (yes this used to be walk/run, but I’ve given in and admitted I’m not going to be running this year!), 20 minutes on the Wii, knee exercises.

Eating – eat 5 fruit/veg, eat less than 1400 cals, no chocolate.

We’re spending half of next week at my families, half at my boyfriends, so I’m not too sure how well that’s going to go, so got to put EVERYTHING into this week for a good final score 🙂