Archive | December 20, 2011

Cookie/Gingerbread House Party

Being English with an Uncle that is American, an Aunt that lived over there when I was a kid, and a Grandfather from the country that I’ve never met, I’ve always loved Americans. I love their over-the-top-ness and enthusiasm about things (mainly holidays) that you just don’t get over here in theUK. Take Christmas, we put up a few decorations, occasionally wear a hat etc. I lived outside Philly in the year 2000/01 and loved everything that Christmas – the decorations on nearly every house and the hugeness of the celebration and excitement that it seems the whole population feels. My boyfriend and I were thinking about going toNew Yorkthis Christmas because he says he ‘never feels Christmasy.’ I thought if there is anywhere in the world he’d feel festive it would be in the states (andNew Yorkhappens to be my favourite city in the WORLD!). NY didn’t happen (gutted, but maybe next year), but I’ve still had a bit of an American feel to the beginning of my festive period.

Jenn (who is American), Claire (French) and Hannah (Canadian), who are my friends from NaNo (Jenn and Claire have been Municipal Liaison officers this year) always have a Cookie/Gingerbread House Party in December. Guess what happened on Sunday? You bet!

There were cookies to decorate, Mulled Wine, Winter Pimms and Hot Apple Cider to drink, great company, and (sorry to say) best of all – there were Gingerbread Houses to decorate! Yeah, I was so excited!

I decorated a load of cookies and I ate a load of cookies (to be honest I’m not entirely sure which I did more of, but I definitely didn’t count calories on Sunday!!). Then, I decorated my first ever Gingerbread House!

It was so much fun!

I really wanted to blog about it to show off my house, because I’m so proud of it. I also figure that this is a writing blog, which is creative. Decorating cookies and gingerbread houses is creative, so they all go under the same umbrella. Ish. Of course if I’m going down this route, I should also post a picture of the birthday cake I made last month for Mr NTWG, because that looked pretty cool too. I don’t think I’m going to go that far… yet (maybe when I bake one for my dad next week?)! Here though, are the pictures of my cookies and house. Aren’t they pretty!