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#ROW80 Round Four Round Up

I can’t believe it’s the end of ROW80 Round Four. The end. It ended on Wednesday. I kind of feel a little lost without it now, but luckily I have my December challenge to keep me going for the next 8 days. Woop! Not sure What I’ll do after that.

Oh yes I do (in true Christmas pantomime style) – there’s always ROW80 2012 – Round One. You know I’ll be there!

So, Round Four… How did it go?

Well as the round spread over 3 months, I had 3 main goals. In October I planned to write 500 words of Holiday a day. In November it was NaNoWriMo so 1,667 words a day (obviously!), then at the beginning of December, I decided on 1,000 words a day (I think it had been 250 when I first started this round, but I wanted to get The Man of My Dreams finished by the end of the year, so had to ramp it up a bit).

I didn’t keep all that great records of how I did. In October, I can only find a record up to 20th. By then I should have written 9,000 words. I’d actually done 8,326. Hmm. Not too bad. I can’t for the life of me remember how many I did in the last 11 days. I’m pretty sure it went ok though. (here’s my chart for the first 20 days – pretty, pretty chart).


I won NaNo in November, so that goal of 1,667 words a day was met. To be honest, I didn’t write 1,667 words a day. Some days I wrote more, some less, some none at all, but the important thing is when it got to 30th November, I’d written 50,000 words of my 4th novel (only 1 of the other three is finished. It’s not edited though). Cue NaNo graph:


December’s been interesting. My plan was, like I said, to finish the novel, so I could have a break in January, then start editing in February (I’m pretty confident this one could go places!). I thought I was about 30k from finishing. By now I should have written 23,000 words. Oh dear. I’ve written Nearly 13. That’s really not great.

Writing wasn’t my only goal for the month though, I also had blogging, eating and exercising goals, so I guess it’s been harder to fit writing in. Also, we’re coming in the Christmas season – there’s been so much to take me away from writing.

I’m not happy how I’ve done with any of the (December) goals really, but mainly writing. The whole challenge for the month was started to give me something to aim for once NaNo was over, to stop me stopping writing, like I normally do in December.

I guess I should look positively on it, I usually stop writing in December, but this month I’ve written nearly 13,000. That’s a huge improvement. Plus, it’s way more than I’d written on 23rd October (I think, definitely way more than on the 20th anyway).

ROW80 has been great fun again this round. I’ve managed to get myself more involved with the awesome people that are out there doing it too, taking part in sprints and visiting & commenting on more blogs than I’ve done in the previous 2 rounds. Thanks Kait for hosting it again, and can’t wait to see all you ROW80-ers on 2nd Jan for the next round.

For me though, it doesn’t really feel like anything’s ending. I’ve still not written ‘The End’ on my novel, so need to keep going until I do. I’d like to think I’ll get a load of time over Christmas, but I’m not sure I will. I’m going to try though. There’s a tiny chance I could actually still finish it this year, or worst case, the beginning of next year.

Fingers crossed please!

If you don’t visit my blog or anything again in the next day or so, HAPPY CHRISTMAS (or HAPPY HOLIDAY if you don’t celebrate it!)! Eat, drink and be really, really merry J