Trans AM by Rob Ryan – review

Jim Barry is a family man and proud of it. He’s already begun educating his five-year-old son Tommy on the finer points of ball games. But when a tragic accident at a kids’ practice session leaves another boy dead, the bereaved father decides to seek his own special brand of restitution. Unless Jim and his wife Belle hand over Tommy as a replacement, Stefan Sebastyen swears he will kill them all. And pretty soon they realise that this is a guy who’s more than capable of keeping his word. With their backs to the wall, it’s Belle who comes up with a desperate plan to save her family…

I bought this book years and years ago from somewhere because I thought it sounded great. The problem  (pretty normal one for me) was that I bought newer ones before I got a chance to read it. This challenge gave me an excuse to pick it up.

Like some others I’m reviewing this week, I read it months ago, so I can’t give a detailed review of it (I promise I’ll get better at that next year!), but what I can tell you is that I loved it!

There are 2 main storylines in the book, and I had an idea of how they were going to come together, and I was right. While you should hate some people because of what they did, you can sympathise with why and so you don’t hate them – which is weird.

The story was great and kept me gripped from almost the beginning. The only problem I had with it was me skipping ahead at the very end and missing something very important. It happened in just one paragraph and I’d skipped it, so I had to go back and read it. Then I couldn’t believe it happened so had to re read it. Shocked is not strong enough a word!

All in all – brilliant. If I see another Rob Ryan book in the future I’ll definitely be picking it up!

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