Petit Anglaise by Catherine Sanderson – Book Review

Living in Paris with her partner, the workaholic Mr Frog, and their adorable toddler, Tadpole, Catherine decides to alleviate the boredom of her metro-boulot-dodo routine by starting a blog under the name of Petite Anglaise. Writing with disarming honesty about Paris life, about the confines of her hollow relationship with Mr Frog and about the wonder and pain that comes with being a mother, she finds a new purpose to her day. As Petite Anglaise, Catherine regains her confidence and makes virtual friends, including one charismatic and single Englishman who lives in Brittany, James. And after meeting James one evening in a bar, Catherine feels she has regained her ability to fall in love, too.

A couple of years ago, when I told a friend  that I’d started blogging, she instantly recommended this to me – a true life memoir of ‘Petit Angliase’ an English woman living in Paris, and blogging about it. It’s been sat on my TBR shelf ever since.

When I heard about the TBR Challenge (hosted by RoofBeamReader) this was the first novel that sprung to mind. I think I would have got around to it eventually, but glad I’m doing the challenge now – I got to read this great book this month.

The characters are brilliant, I totally fell in love with ‘Tadpole’ and to a lesser extent Sanderson herself. Even Mr Frog (brilliant names for the boyfriend and kid!!) had a certain je ne sais quoi. I found it hard to get into my brain that this was real, because the story is something I could totally imagine reading in a fiction novel.

When I was reading it, I said it wasn’t one of those books that  you just can’t put down, but I was reading it A LOT. A lot more than I’ve read anything else for ages! I really enjoyed it, although it was slightly predictable, it was fun and you do get caught up in it and it takes you along for the great ride.

I’ve been to Paris a few times, and thought that I’d done it, there’s so many more places to go, why would I go back there? After reading this, I’ve totally changed my mind, I want to go back! Soon! There are snippets of French scattered throughout the book – some I understood from my GCSE French, some I didn’t. Having read this, and remembered SOME French, I totally want to learn it again, I used to love the language so much. Also, I really want a bilingual kid (when I have them), speaking 2 languages interchangeably, from birth almost, must be brilliant.

I totally recommend this. Sanderson’s written a fiction novel too, which I think I’m going to read. I like her writing style, and I presume it will be similar writing fiction.

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