Archive | January 16, 2012

Not Much Work, But Lots of Celebration!

I’ve not got much done in the last few days. By ‘not much’ I pretty much mean nothing. Ah, oh dear. I have  a pretty good excuse though.

I applied for a new job in December and had an interview just before Christmas. They told me I’d hear when I got back from the break. When I did, they decided they wanted a second interview. After that they said they’d let me know the beginning of last week, then on Tuesday they told me I’d find out Thursday. On Thursday I couldn’t concentrate on work for the whole day I was stressing that much, but still heard nothing. Thursday night all thoughts of writing were out the window – I was so nervous.

On Friday I got told, unofficially as they were still waiting for sign off, that I had the job! Woop! Yay! Hoorah! Cue a weekend of celebration – Champagne and shots on Friday, Saturday recovering and a roast and more champagne on Sunday.

Today I got told officially, but I think I’ve celebrated enough now!

Because of all that, I pretty much got nothing productive done – obviously! On Friday I did go to the gym. Yay! I spent 30 minutes there and burnt 400 calories (plus 100 to walk there from the office) – AWESOME! I don’t know if I’ve ever done that well. Totally makes me want to go back. Soon!

I did bits and pieces of reading over the weekend. I think I read quite a lot on Saturday, but pretty much none yesterday.

Diet and writing went out the window.

So now, I need to get back on it. I was going to go to an evening of writing tonight – the NaNo London crew meet up on Mondays to write for a couple of hours in Pret. I’ve not actually been since NaNo, and keep wanting to, but something always comes up. Typically, today when I was planning on going, I’m not feeling all that good 😦 Maybe the week after next I’ll finally make it (I’ve got plans next week).

I’m not going to post my progress chart because 1) I don’t have it with me and 2) it looks so bad (red). I’m going to spend the beginning of this week pulling it back – maybe have a couple of totally green days (good days) then post it. I’ll be much happier when it’s back to green than almost all red. Seriously, whose idea was a colour coded chart? What an idiot they are!!!