Archive | January 17, 2012

The Next Few Months

Yesterday I posted about my new job (yay!). I don’t know if it’s really sunk in yet. I’m really excited though – just another 3 weeks and 3 days to go!

Last night I starting thinking about what the new job will mean for my writing, reading, exercise and eating – my ROW80 challenges. I haven’t come up with anything conclusive, but lots of different thoughts.

When I first started talking to people about where my career could go, a few people warned me away from my new job (Building Manager of an office block for a property management company) because they thought I’d get bored. Great, I thought, most people would get bored, I’ll get writing!

In reality, I don’t know if it’s going to work that way.

My job is actually going to be split over two buildings, so not sure if I’ll actually get time to ‘get bored’ like I would (could) in a single building. Also, I’m not going to be based in my own office, I’ll be in another Building Manager’s office, with her directly behind me, with full access to seeing my screen. No skiving to write a novel there then!

What I am thinking though, is that the property is going to be closer to the shops, so that quick duck out to get a sandwich can actually be quick, rather than the 20+ minutes it takes now. That will free up some of my lunchtime, which will give me more time for writing (and surfing). I guess in reality, I will get more free time, but will probably use it for blogging and surfing rather than actual writing. You never know though.

Exercise will be the interesting one. I THINK that the best way for me to get to work will be to get the tube, then walk to the office – the office that’s maybe a 22 minute (brisk) walk away. Everyday. Hmmm.  The other way would be to get the Hammersmith and City tube line, but I think that’s pretty unreliable, and only goes every 10 minutes (compared to the Jubilee which is every 1-2 minutes in rush hour!). I don’t know.

I’ll definitely walk back to the tube after work – so that will increase my daily exercise by 4 ish minutes (it now takes 18 minutes to walk to the other station I go home from).

Of course there’s always a bus… But I’m really not a big London bus kind of person.

The gym will be the interesting one. My current gym is next to the station I currently use – 18 minutes/1.7km away. Across the road from my new office, there’s another gym I can use, but it’s not as good. The current gym I use is 2.7km away from the new office. Either I’ll start using the closer gym, OR I’ll walk to the one I use now. I like the latter idea – more exercise. But then it will be more time too.

Hopefully it won’t affect my eating at all. Actually it will – for the better. At the moment we have a canteen that sells chocolate on the 6th floor of the building. In my new office, I won’t have that. There is a newsagents a few doors down, but hopefully having to leave the office will put me off doing that. We can but hope.

With all these logistics, I’ve not really been thinking about the job itself. It’s going to be a great move, and the job is going to be so much better than my current one. I can’t wait. Hopefully it will be a positive move in the right direction for all aspects of my life.