Pointless Check-in?

I’m not really sure there’s any point in me writing this at all, I don’t think I’ve done anything in the last week, definitely nothing I’m proud of anyway. I haven’t even looked at my chart all week – it’s that bad!

This week was my last week in my current job before I start the new one tomorrow. Right now I’m pretty excited (as well as really scared, I’m going to have responsibility and people answering to me, neither of which I’ve had in the last 4 odd years!), but last week was just crazy busy. I wasn’t handing over to anyone so felt like I had to finish everything as much as I could before I left. Inevitably I didn’t, but I did as much as I could.

As much as I could considering what shit was going on out of work, and I had to take a day off. Our boiler broke on Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning our landlord said he’d get someone out immediately. Apparently that meant Thursday morning. I took the morning off, but they didn’t come. When we called them they said they’d be there at some point. I ended up being at home all day, but didn’t do anything productive because I kept thinking I was going to go to work in a minute. What a waste.

Someone finally came Saturday (neither of us could be in on Friday to meet them), and he was here a whole 10 minutes before he said he’d never seen anything like it, and couldn’t help. Really! So, we’re waiting for a more senior engineer to come out. That’s going to be tomorrow night. So that’s going to be 6 days without hot water (luckily we have ceiling heating, so at least are warm). We both have gym membership, so can use the showers there, or showers at work sp we’re not smelly. Not ideal, but could be worse.

So that really messed up my week.

I pretty much gave myself the week off doing anything, knowing how stressful work would be (and that was not even knowing about the boiler!). My 4 daily goals are: Eat less than 1400 calories, exercise for more than 30 minutes, write more than 500 words, and read. This is what I managed this week:

Eating: I don’t think I’m even going to go there. Next week…

Exercise: Walked for 20 minutes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then also gym for 39 minutes on Wednesday. Thursday, Friday, Saturday nothing. Gym for 37 minutes today. Not great. Not by a long shot. This week WILL be better.

Writing: We can just pass this one too, nothing.

Reading: I started Me Before You by Jojo Moyes on Sunday. I finished it on Thursday. It was brilliant. Didn’t read anything Friday, or the weekend. Must have read a lot Sunday to Thursday though, so not all that bad.

This week will be better.

I say that, but it’s my first week in my new job, so I can’t possibly know what I’ll be doing to know IF it can be a good week. I think the only thing I know for certain will be good is exercising. I’m going to try to walk to work every morning from the tube station that is 20 minutes away. Guess I have to walk home too. That’s going to be good.

The stop is also 1 further away than my current one, so that’s about 3 minutes longer reading. Not great, but every little helps I guess.

I have to try to eat better this week. I’ve been given a gift voucher for Dorothy Perkins (congrats on the new job), but don’t want to buy anything when I’m as heavy as I am. Hopefully this will be a good incentive to lose some weight. Hopefully I can also get into a good routine in the new office, not having chocolate every day.

Hope everyone else’s week was better than mine, and hope this week coming is great!

2 thoughts on “Pointless Check-in?

  1. Try not to be too down on yourself, you have had a busy and stressful week and something has to give. Sadly work can’t give! I hope your first week goes brilliantly 🙂

  2. I hope you have a great week so you can refresh and get back to writing. Sometimes Life takes hold and doesn’t let go, you had a lot for a week. Sending best wishes for calm.

    Good luck with the new job!

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