ROW80 2012 – Round Two – Goals

Here I am, exactly a year after hearing and taking part in my first ROW80, doing it again. I thought it would be a one time thing, but no, I did Round three and four last year, and round one this year. I wasn’t sure I would be. The last round was shockingly bad. I kind of stopped even checking-in during Feb. Very bad.

But I’m back doing it again. Even yesterdayI wasn’t sure if I would. I tweeted my buddy Laura from previous rounds to see if she was. She convinced me I should too. If her convincing wasn’t enough, Lauren put up a good argument too. (what is it with these Laur__s?). So here I am. Doing it again. Thanks girls, without you two, I wouldn’t be doing it.

I’ve spent the day thinking about my goals. I’m not convinced I’ve got them completely, which is why we love flexible goals, but this is what I’m thinking now:

  • Writing – 100 words a day. That’s a tiney-tiny amount. Probably too tiny, BUT, I’ve been doing nothing recently. A tiny word count is easy. So easy I’ll think that I can do it really quickly, so will hopefully convince me I can do it. Hopefully I won’t even notice when I hit 100 because I’ll be on such a roll I’ll write straight past it, and hit something hugely high (200? Ha!) There will be some days where I need to do some editing (today), so I’ll stick 10 minutes there instead.
  • Exercise (1) – For the last couple of rounds I’ve had 20/30 minutes exercise daily. I can’t really do that this round, because my journey to work has changed and now do 40 minutes walking a day (20 on the way, 20 on the way back). That means I’m going to change to a weekly exercise goal. Either visit the gym or go running for 10 minutes. 10 minutes is my ‘test mile’ for running. Usually I’ll do more when I’ve done 10 minutes (ditto the test mile thing for writing), but the 10 minute thing convinces me going out won’t be that bad, cause it’s only 10x 60 seconds, how hard can that be right?
  • Exercise (2) – daily exercises. If I’m increasing the amount of running I’m doing, I’m going to start getting the pain in my knee/hip. Doing the exercises the physio recommended daily will help stop that.
  • Eating (1) – I really need to lose weight. I haven’t lost any since Christmas, even though I’ve pretty much ‘been on a diet’ everyday. I’m 10 lb heavier than I was this time last year, and before that I was the heaviest I’d ever been. I don’t know if I’m going to do Slimming World or count calories. That doesn’t really help for today, but hopefully I’ll decide by tomorrow, and will get on it from tomorrow!
  • Eating (2) – 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. I was so good at that when I was paing attention to it, but it’s slipped with everything else. I totally believe that the reason I didn’t get any colds this winter was that I was getting all my vitamins. I might be wrong, but I think it’s right, and it’s worth adding as another goal, just in case.
  • Lifestyle – be in bed by 11pm Sunday to Thursday. I’ve been really forgetful recently, and not great at managing time. Also, I’ve been waking up half an hour earlier than I used to, but not getting up any earlier cause I’ve been too tired. Going to sleep at 11 is quite an ambitious goal, but I think being in bed for 11, will help, even if I go to bed to read.

Posted my goals (for the first time) three minutes ago, and already I’ve thought of another. Better late than never!

  • Blogging – three blogs per week. I need to check-in for ROW80 on Wednesdays and Sundays, so that means for this goal I need to do another blog during the week. No set target on how many words that has to be, or what about (book reviews count), just another blog.

In the last round I had reading as one of my goals. I’m totally taking that out.Readingovertook writing and I don’t want that to happen again.

I’m going to make a chart again. The chart worked for me. Filling in the chart everyday pushed me towards my goals.

Anyone else taking part in ROW80 this round? What are your goals?

So here we go again then. ROW80. 80 days. 7 goals. GO!


4 thoughts on “ROW80 2012 – Round Two – Goals

  1. Yayyy! Glad you decided to jump in. Us Laurs are a rowdy, bossy bunch apparently 😀 Great goals for this round! I definitely think you’re on to something. If you feel better, then you’ll definitely write better and have the energy to stay organized. (Geesh, I should take my own advice LOL.) Good luck with everything this round – it will be fantastic!!

    • Thanks. And thanks so much for talking me into it, honestly, without the two of you I’s still be in the land of not blogging, and probably wouldn’t have spent the last hour editing! Good luck with your goals too – can’t wait to visit your blog to see what they are!

  2. Woot for joining us!
    I dropped early last round because I was moving, but now I’m back and ready to kick it!
    Love your goals and I’m sure you’re gonna kick some ROW’s ass 😉 We’ll be here to cheer you on and push you forward!

  3. I need to make a chart!!! I find them so motivating!

    Glad you decided to take part again. I have kept my test mile low at 250 words because I figure that is better than nothing and I should be able to achieve it.

    Good luck this round and I look forward to seeing all your progress!

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