Archive | April 3, 2012

Starting Well

ROW80 – ‘The writing Challenge that knows you have a life’ started yesterday. My goal for writing is 100 words a day, or 10 minutes editing.

Yesterday I managed over an hour editing. How awesome is that. Editing – me. Me who hates editing. It’s for a competition though, so I guess that’s the big push. I need to finish it tonight, which I will do, which means tomorrow I can start on writing. I hope.

I really want to do some reading, but I don’t trust myself. I’ve got 2 books to read for 2 book clubs, 1 to be read by 13th, the other I’m not really sure. But, this competition is more important.

I’m going away on Friday for the weekend. That’s good, because, you know fun etc, but bad because of writing, and eating well, and hey, exercise too. Hopefully I’ll still do ok. I’m going to give it my best shot anyway.