Archive | April 4, 2012

First Check-in For ROW80 Round Two!

Hey look, first check-in, and I’m actually doing it. Woop, go me. The even better news is I have something to report – something good!

So my goal for writing is 100 words a day, or 10 minutes editing. On Monday I did over an hour editing (oh yeah), yesterday wasn’t so great, I did maybe 5/10 minutes. I’m counting that as a win though. I’ve not done anything today,  but walking home from dinner I had an idea about something I was going to write. My writing buddy Laura runs a website called Novelkicks. Each month they do a writing room thing. I’ve not visited it yet, but I saw on her blog what it was about, so I’m going to totally give it a go. Just need to finish this first.

My exercise goal (1) is to walk for 40 minutes a day (Each walk from the tube to work is 20 minutes so it should be easy, if I go that way…). Monday was in fact easy. Yesterday when I left work it was pouring with rain. I walked down the road to Waterstones (5 minutes) and my trousers were soaked halfway to my knee. I debated getting the bus to the tube, but because of this challenge, I walked. I was soaked, but I did it.

Today’s not been as great. I went another way to work, so my walk was only 5 minutes. Then I went out for dinner, so couldn’t walk back. I had planned to leave the office early and walk the 3o minutes to my dinner location, but I got stuck in a meeting. I walked for 10. Then after dinner I went to the further away tube station, so got 10 minutes.

I was upset about that, but then thought about the 3 visits between my buildings (5 minutes each way, so 25 altogether ). If I count that (which I don’t want to because I have to do that anyway) then I got over 40. I like only counting extra walking, but hey, walking is walking, so that’s 3 for 3 on this goal.

*EDIT – this is not my exercise goal (1). I thought it was, but I forgot I changed it. Exercise goal (1) is the gym as listed below. Exercise (2) is to do my daily exercises for my knee. I did some on Monday, and some on Tuesday. I may have to forgo them today through a lack of time. We’ll see. Also, these ‘some’ I’m doing, aren’t enough. They’re a start, but I need to step them up!*

My eating goal isn’t going well. Maybe because I’ve not yet set it in stone. I’ll think about that one at a later date (naughty I know).

My other exercise goal is for running or gyming, but that’s a weekly goal so I don’t need to think about how I’ve not done anything for it yet – I still have time!

My blogging goal is to check-in for ROW80 twice a week, and do another blog. I’m checking-in now, and did a very short blog yesterday. I’m actually planning tomorrow’s in my head right now, so that’s really good. As good as I could possibly do at this point in the week!

2 more goals. We could just ignore them… Go on… No? Fine…

Eating (2) goal is for 5 items of fruit or veg a day. Monday I failed. Yesterday I was going to get it until I got home shattered and gave in to the idea of take away. But I did have a salad too (note – sweet and sour chicken doesn’t go with salad!). Today… I had a salad for lunch, that must have been 2 portions, then broccoli with dinner, and enough mushrooms and shallots to make a portion. And a couple of strawberries. That makes 4+. Not 5. Tomorrow. I’ll do well tomorrow.

My final goal is a lifestyle one – be in bed before 11pm. On Monday I cheated. I was, but I had to get up to clean my teeth. Doesn’t count. Tuesday I failed again. Tonight I will be in bed by 11. Which only gives me 35 minutes so must rush.

Don’t need to rush actually, that’s me done.

All in all, I’m doing ok. Wanna see at a glance how well? *rushes off to make a chart* Here we go (sorry it’s not great, too late at night to mess about changing it!):