Week Two Beginning Well

Last week was… well, a little disappointing. I did my writing, which I really should be happy about, but my eating and exercise goals weren’t hit. This week is going much better. On Monday I had an off day and missed writing. Can’t believe that as I had the day off work, but then sometimes that happens doesn’t it – you have the day off, and think you’ve got loads of time so you’ll do it later, then later, then all of a sudden it’s way too late. Ah well.

I’m really impressed with myself. Yesterday was day 9 of the challenge, I only missed 1 day of writing in those days. That means I had 8 days writing. If I wrote 100 words a day (my goal) that would have been 800 words. I’ve written more though. Although, weirdly for me, I’m not writing it down. Usually I’m really anal about that, having to know how many I write, but I don’t seem to be this round. I may have to stat now I’m thinking about it.

Yesterday was the best day – I wrote over 500 words. That’s 5 times my goal. Was that a WOOP I heard? I believe it was. Oh, it was from me. Woop! I’m starting to think that now I’m writing daily, I should carry on writing The Man of My Dreams. I decided not to start writing it at the beginning of the ROW80 Round, because I wasn’t into writing, and I didn’t want to start, then stop if I did, having another failed attempt at finishing it. I wanted to get back into the habit of writing before I got back on that horse. I think the horse has arrived.

I’ve not done today’s writing, I plan to still, but I’m going to start back on the novel tomorrow. I’m writing on one laptop and the novel is saved on another. I can’t be bothered with the hassle of changing over etc etc. Tomorrow I’ll start back on it.

How are my other goals going?

Well, on Monday I bought (well other half bought me) Wii Active 2. It was on sale in our shopping centre, so I thought why not. I used to love Wii Fit, but got a bit bored of it because you have to make up your own routines, I wanted something where it’s there and you HAVE to do it. This is it. Day 2 and it’s going well. Day 2 out of 3 that is. I did it on Monday, had a break yesterday, then did it today too. Tomorrow, I’m going to go to the gym. Or go for a run. I’ve not decided. I’m definitely doing one though. Go me.

Eating’s been going well for me too. This is day 2 of eating less than 1400 calories and 5+ items fruit or veg. I know day 1 and 2 are the easy ones, but I really feel like this is it, I’m going to do it this time.

One stone weight loss here I come. Finished novel, you’re there too!


3 thoughts on “Week Two Beginning Well

  1. Woo-hoo. You’re rocking the words yourself! That was indeed a WOOP you heard. Good job on getting writing into your daily routine. I tend to play Wii Fit Plus. This will sound funny but I like the Super Hoola Hoops and the Rhythm Kung-Fu. We have Wii Active but I wasn’t in love with it. Good job this week. Keep it going!

  2. Great job meeting your word count goal!

    I’ve never heard of Wii Active 2, but it might be a good use of my Wii, which has been producing endless dust bunnies since I finished Twilight Princess. I was really disappointed with Wii Fit (I tried it at a friends house). It just seemed… gimmicky. And self-depreciating.

    At any rate… good luck meeting your goals for the rest of the week!

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