The Sunshine Award

Way, way, way back years ago, one of my first blog followers Laura Best gave me my first ever blog award – the Prolific Blogger Award. I was so happy and thrilled and loved it, it was so exciting. Then last year, when I was in one of my writing slums, I got passed on a couple more awards. I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t blog about them (other than in passing), or pass them on. Huge surprise then, when I got a Tweet from Em the other day, saying she’d passed on another award to me this year – The Sunshine Award, AND then tagged me in The Seven Facts Tag. I was going to blog about them together, but turns out I have a hell of a lot to write about the first, so I’ll do the Seven Facts Tag separately.

So The Sunshine Award: I can’t find anything anywhere that says the specifics of the award, but just hearing the name, and looking at the picture, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? It’s a happy, sunshiny, cheery, happy, happy award. Em said she passed it on to people who brighten her days. *smiles*. I’ll do the same, but I’m cheating. More about that, after I answer the obligatory questions (love answering questions!).

1) Favourite Colour? Easy, blue. Every time. I don’t know why, but I imagine because it’s the colour of the sky in summer (um, I live in the UK, surely that’s only right about 30% of the time?) and the sea, which I love.

2) Favourite Animal? This is hard. Right now I think it’s going to have to be Penguins – I know they’re birds, but they count in this kind of Q&A thing don’t they? Last year I went to London Zoo, where they have a huge Penguin Beach. I loved watching them there. Also, on Frozen planet – weren’t they cute? (Except for the scene where the runty one of the two penguin kids couldn’t keep up with the mum supplying food, so eventually died, so sad, I cried!).

3) Favourite Number? I don’t know yet. It will be the 6th and final number when my lottery numbers come up!

4) Favourite Non Alcoholic Drink? That’s really hard, because I mostly drink water (in stupid quantities). Mango juice I guess? Yeah, Mango juice.

5) Facebook or Twitter? Hard because I use them for totally different things. For me Facebook is about real friends in real life – keep up to date with the friends I don’t see as often as I’d like (or even the ones round the corner that I do). Twitter is more about the Writer Helen. Very few of my real life friends know I’m on Twitter, or even my Newtowritinggirl persona. Hmm, avoided answering this one didn’t I!

6) My Passion? Reading. I’d like to say writing, and sometimes it is (generally in November for Nano), but honestly if there was just one thing I could do forever and nothing else, I’d want it to be reading. I love how a good novel can take you away from everything, to a different place,, how it can make you feel for the characters, and react to their situations (how many times have I cried at a good book!). I want someone to feel that way about my writing. One day maybe.

7) Getting or giving presents? Depends if the present I’m giving is a good one or not (if it is I love giving), and if the one I’m receiving is a good one or not (if it’s good, I love getting!).

8) Favourite Pattern? Is this a real question? It’s definitely not a good question for me. I’m not really a patterny kind of person. Everything I have and love is blocks of colour, not really patterned. At a push I’d say stripes, but do they count as patterns?

9) Favourite Day of the week? Saturday. First I thought any weekend day, but then on Sunday you have to think about going back to work the next day. On Saturday you can sleep in as late as you want, you can drink if you want, you can go to bed at anytime you want. Saturdays are really about chilling and enjoying the things I really love – spending some real time with my other half and reading. A perfect Saturday would just have these 2 things.

10) Favourite Flower? Since I was a lot younger I’ve always thought Carnations. I love the frillyness of the petals. But, as I get older I’m falling into that trap of loving roses.

So there you have it. I need to pass this award on to other people so here we go. I’m really bad at visiting blogs at the moment, the best I do is visiting a couple of ROW80ers a week. I feel bad for this, and should visit more. Because I’m so rubbish, I can’t honestly tag many people because it wouldn’t be fair, each week I try to visit different blogs, so there’s not many that I visit all the time. You’re getting 6 from me. These are my sunshiny happy people (past and present):

  • Em (Emwantstowrite) – Em gave me this award, so I probably shouldn’t pass it back to her, but who cares. She brightens my day with her comments.
  • Laura Best – the first person to give me a blog award, the first person to really encourage me too. I don’t interact with Laura as much as I used to, or would like to, but she still totally deserves this award. Oh, and she’s had a book published that I really, really want to read.
  • Laura Parish (Rambling Little Angel) – Laura’s the only blogging person who I’m real friends with in real life. We nearly bumped into each other at a Lisa Jewell event a couple of years ago, then last year she took me to a Jane Fallon event. We hit it off straight away. Now Laura’s been my ROW80 buddy for a few rounds, and she’s so encouraging and pushes me when I need it – she’s just awesome!
  • Lauren Garafalo – I became virtual friends with Lauren over ROW80 sprints a few rounds ago. She always inspired me with her encouragement, and she always wrote for an hour each sprint, by hand. Hats off to the girl. Lauren talked me into doing ROW80 again this round so my presence there is down to her.
  • Dahnya Och – I literally just discovered Dahnya’s blog this morning, but it’s great, and from what I’ve seen so far, she totally deserves this award!
  • (this one is totally cheating, and a bit pukey to be honest, but it’s the first person I thought of when ‘sunshine’ was mentioned). My other half. He doesn’t have a blog, so I REALLY shouldn’t be adding him here, except it’s my blog, and I’ll do what I want. Everyday he makes me happy and brings sunshine into my life. Also, I wouldn’t be doing this blogging/tweeting thing, or probably even the writing thing very well without his encouragement and support. Sorry, that’s just so slushy. I almost made myself sick!

Go visit these people they’re great. And Em, thanks so much 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award

  1. I’m late getting here, but totally surprised and delighted. Thanks so much Helen for being sweet and for including me in your list. 🙂

    It’s been fun reading your answers and learning a bit more about you.. And Mr. NTWG? lol

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