Slightly Adjusted Goals Working Well

On Sunday I decided to alter my goals. I was going for baby steps in my writing and eating goals, and the baby steps were working, so it was time to take it up a step. A little step, but still a step.

My writing goal WAS 100 words a day. I decided to crank that all the way up to 150 words. I know it’s not a massive increase, but it keeps the number doable in my head. ‘Oh, I only need to write 150 words, that’s nothing, I can write,’ vs ‘Oh no, I have to write xxx words, I can’t do that tonight, I won’t bother writing any.’ This is probably what I’d really think too.

So far, after 2 days, the new goal is working. I got 679 on Monday and 205 yesterday. Technically I decided to do it Sunday, and Sunday I wrote 582, so I’m doing really well. For comparison, before I put it up to 150, there were quite a few days, where I only just scrapped 100!

My eating goal was a maximum of 1400 calories a day. I wasn’t rocking that one so much, I only got that few twice last week, but decided if I’m going to do this seriously, I should cut it down even lower. 1200 is my new max goal.

Again, this one is going really well too (again I started decided to start it on Sunday): Sunday – 1093, Monday 1171 and Tuesday 1148. I’m eating really well, with all my 5 portions fruit/veg, and not really starving myself either. So far I’ve lost 2lb. That’s pretty good for not many days!

Looking at my chart (I’m actually going to remember to put it in the blog this time) for the last 3 days it looks awesome. Green, green, green. Wonder how long I can keep that up for.

How are your goals going?

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