Archive | April 22, 2012

End of Week Round Up

Wow, another week over – where is time going this year? It’s going to be May in like a week. Jeez!

I’ve had a bad few days, although if you look at my graph, it’s still very green – yay!

I kind of stopped writing on Thursday, and that carried on Friday and Saturday. Happily though, I broke that pattern, and have written over 250 words today – woop!

In blogging terms, this is my fourth blog this week – 2 check-ins, 1 book review, and another one. Yay, go me.

Exercise is also going well, I’ve been to the gym twice (oh yeah!), and walked home from work on Monday (5km). That’s not counting all the normal walking I do a day. This week I’ve done less as it’s been raining a lot, so I’ve gone for the journey that involves less walking so I don’t get to work a drowned rat. It’s seriously been raining this week. Forecast for this week looks wet too, but I’ll try to be braver this week!

My mum has a theory that when she’s on a diet if she sticks to it Monday to Friday, then eats what she wants on the weekend, she can carry it on for as long as she needs to. I always thought that was a bad idea, until I read something that said it was good. I’m hoping it’s a good idea, cause that’s totally what I’ve done this weekend. I’ve probably totally overdone it though, so think I’ve put back on any weight I lost last week.

Oh well. Now I’m back into the gym-going-routine I should find losing weight easier. I hope so anyway. It’s only about a month until I’m planning on going on holiday. I really want to lose as much as possible in that time.

I’m still doing random writing, not novel writing, but I’ve been writing the same piece all week. I don’t really know what it’s going to be, there’s not enough of a story to make it a short story or anything, but it’s interesting writing this character, I like her, and I’m intrigued about what’s gong on in her life. Whether it turns into anything, or stays nothing, I’m having fun writing it, which is really good.

Each day I’ve actually managed to do some writing I’ve gone quite a bit over my new 150 word goal – Monday 679, Tuesday 205, Wednesday 356 and today 254.I’m really happy about that because the weeks before, when my goal was just 100 words, there were quite a few days where I barely made that. Or I made it, then as soon as I checked, I stopped.

I’m definitely getting more into it. I’ll keep my goal 150 this week, then crank it up again next week. Not sure if it will be 200 or 250, I’ve a week to decide.