Still Not Doing Well

Not really much has changed since my last blog on Thursday. I was planning on turning my week around, making it a good week instead of the bad one it was heading for, but I failed. On pretty much every goal I have.
Writing – I’ve written more that 150 words on 3 days this week. In fact, I’ve written more than 200 words 3 times. So when I’m writing, I’m getting on with it, I just need to get writing more often!

Exercise – I’ve done no serious exercise this week. At all. I took my gym kit to work on Tuesday, and brought it back home on Friday. What a fail. I also took the tube to work most days instead of tube and walking. Partly cause the weather was so bad I didn’t want to get wet, partly cause I was carrying heavy stuff (my laptop one day), and partly because… well… I couldn’t be bothered if I’m honest. I will get better this week. Although the weather doesn’t look to be picking up at any point.

I’ve also neglected the exercised for my knee and hip. Technically, because I didn’t do much walking or running, it was ok, but I know it would be better to be doing them, with or without the walking/running. This week!

Eating – I don’t even want to go there. Over 1200 calories EVERY day. AGH! I only ate 5 portions fruit/veg twice (maybe three times, not sure what happened on Tuesday?). This one will get better when the calorie one gets better – when I eat less calories, I automatically eat more fruit and vegetables to fill me up!

Lifestyle – Tonight will be the only night this week where I’ve made it to bed before 11. Getting up has been so hard, so I can feel it then, I’ve been borderline late for work pretty much every day. Not good. Tomorrow I’m starting at 8am, so I HAVE to be there early, which means I have to go to bed early. Before 11 anyway. I’m literally posting this then going to bed.

Blogging – this is the only goal that I’m doing ok on. I did a blog on Monday for World Book Night, then I did a check-in blog on Thursday and today for ROW80.

One goal has gone well. That is not good enough. Last week was so so good, I was so proud of myself, I have no idea what happened this week. I’m not going to let next week go as badly. I went shopping today, and couldn’t find anything to fit me. I have to lose weight, and to do that I NEED to eat better, and exercise more. I did it last week, so I know I can do it again. I will do it again. I swear Wednesday’s check in will be a ton better than this one. It absolutely has to be!


One thought on “Still Not Doing Well

  1. Hmm… I wonder if your “3 days a week” arrangement is part of your issue here. I find that even I set a smaller goal, but make it daily, I do tend to make more of an effort to achieve it.

    As for the exercise goals… do them first thing in the morning. Do “something” extra first thing in the morning. Stand with your laptop on a kitchen counter when you get home instead of sitting in a chair with it…. I tend to stand at my desk for reading webpages and only sit when I have to type. Since your leg muscles are some of the biggest in your body, adding this WILL burn extra calories…

    You CAN do it. At the moment you’ve allowed yourself to feel like you’ve failed. Think instead that you needed time to reassess. And then just do it.

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