Archive | May 16, 2012

To Change or Not To Change

I was cooking earlier, and thinking about how badly I’m doing with my goals at the moment. So badly, I’m not really even thinking about them, like at all. Last Wednesday I opened my ROW80 ‘geek stats’ spreadsheet and had to try to remember what I’d done over the week prior. Nearly a week later I’m going to have to do it again. Should be easy though – nothing on pretty much everything.

So, I was thinking, maybe I should reduce my goals – baby steps, the way I started this round of ROW80, trying to get myself back into writing and blogging (and eating and exercise). I thought about what I could reduce, and realised that I was really low with pretty much everything, reducing anything would be crazy, because my goals are only slightly above nothing.

That means I have to pick myself back up, and get on and do these goals. They are so small, I’d hardly notice once I got going. Here they are, to remind myself, as much as you…

1)       Write 150 words a day. I started this goal originally at 100 words a day, but after a couple of weeks getting ok at doing 100, I increased it by 50. The only difference it really made was I wrote more a day. I didn’t feel like it was really any more of a struggle than 100 words. I need to just start writing again. It will take just minutes a day – nothing that I can ALWAYS find the time to do. I just need to push myself to do it!

2)       Exercise (1) Gym/run 3x a week. This is a little harder to get doing on. Although, I do state at least 10 minutes of each, every time. 10 minutes again is nothing (it’s my ‘test mile’), so the doing it is fine, it’s just the getting to it, to do it that’s the problem. I took my gym stuff to work today, but couldn’t be bothered when it came to it. I told myself I’d play Just Dance 3 tonight. Then I found I’d got Dirty Dancing  – Official Dance Workout in the post. I may that instead. I’ll do one. Then just 2 more 10 minute sessions this week. Sweet.

3)       Exercise (2) Daily hip/knee exercises. When I exercise a lot, I get pains in my hip/knee cause of a trapped nerve. If I’m exercising, I need to do this. Starting after my work out in a bit!

4)       Eating (1) 1200 calories a day. I really want to lose weight, but I just keep talking about it, not doing it. If I could cut down to this many calories, add that to the exercise, I’d lose weight no problem. The problem is just cutting down to this many. Today, I was doing really well, until I had a chocolate bar and then a load of cheese when I get in. Sigh.

5)       Eating (2) 5 portions of fruit/vegetables a day. This is probably the one I’m doing the best at – not that I’m even doing that well with it. I guess it’s the easiest. I’ve had 4 today without even thinking about it (the great thing about salad for lunch!).

6)       Lifestyle – Bed before 11. I struggle so badly to get up. Or I have been anyway. This would help like 100 times. But I can’t seem to do it. I was, I was in a great habit of going early. Like everything else on this list though, it’s fallen.

7)       Blog 3x a week. Ditto everything I said above.

So really, it’s not all that much is it. Some I can do as I go through the day, some are just about going to bed, some I only need to do 3 times a week. It’s nothing. I just need to get my mojo back.

In a week and a half, my other half goes on holiday for about 2 weeks. I’m going to be home alone. I’ll miss him like hell, but I’m likely to get better at everything. If he’s not here, I’ll be more willing to go to the gym, not rush home to see him. I’ll do more writing because I won’t turn the TV on when I get home. And I’ll eat less, cause I’ll have different dinners – more vegetable only dinners (he’s a proper carnivore, I think he’d run away if I served him a dinner without meat!). I hope in that time I can get in a good habit, so that when he comes home, I’ll be in a routine so carry it on.

Not that I’m going to wait until he goes away to start getting better. I’m starting today. This is a blog (a Wednesday ROW80 check in blog, a day early, but probably won’t be by the time I post it!), I’m off to do exercise, and I’ve had my 5-a-day already. Excellent.