Getting Back On It

On Sunday last week, I decided this would be the week that I’d come back from my writing/exercise/eating slump. Unfortunately, on Monday, I didn’t. Nor Tuesday.
Wednesday though, I wrote a blog, and actually did some writing. The on Thursday I did some more writing, on Friday and Saturday too. Now all I need to do is some today, and that’s 5 days in a row. That has to almost be a pattern right? I’m so pleased with myself, I didn’t see this actually happening, so to be having such success (I know it’s early days), just makes me so happy! Yay!

I don’t think we should talk about the eating goal. I’ve not even been counting calories it’s been that bad. I’ve just been shopping for the week though, and bought loads of salads for lunch, and fruit and good things to snack on. Last week was my writing coming back, lets hope this week will be my eating coming good again.

Exercise is so-so. I’ve been pretty good most days at going and coming back from work – I’ve mainly gone to the station 20 minutes walk from the office, so I have that to do. I’ve also done Just Dance 3 on the Wii three times – twice for 20 minutes, then 30 minutes today. That should really be good, not so-so, but as it’ not running, or going to the gym, I don’t think it’s quite as good. Still, it’s exercise, and I’m doing it. Yay again.

There’s a lot of green on my chart this week. It’s almost as green as it was way back when this round of ROW80 started, back when I was doing well. I can totally see it carrying on next week too. The week after my boyfriend goes away for a couple of weeks, which means I’ll probably go to the gym lots, and eat much better (salads and veg for dinner!) and probably write lots more cause I won’t have him here to distract me. I’m having to look at the positives so it seems like 2 weeks won’t be as long. ROW80 goals are my positives. But there’s still 4 days until he goes – those are going to be good days too. They are.

Loving my positivity today.

So, how are YOUR goals going?

3 thoughts on “Getting Back On It

  1. Hooray for positive thinking! I am in the same frame of mind tonight….let’s hope it lasts for the week! Great that you have written 5 days on the trot and I hope you keep up the motivation. All the green looks mighty pretty!

    ps. I tweeted you after you commented the other day but my phone twitter seems to be swallowing tweets. Thanks for you comment though 🙂

  2. Ooo, I like your chart! And it has way more green than red, which is a great thing!
    And keep up with that positive thinking! You can do it!

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