Archive | May 23, 2012

7 Great Writing Days

I’m so happy with myself today. If I manage to do some writing today, that’s 8 days in a row. 8 days writing in a row. 8! 8! I’m so so happy with that.
To be honest, I’ve not written that much each day, but over 150 each day. 150 is my goal, so 151 would be better. I don’t have my laptop with me to know how many I’ve done each day, but I know at least 1 more than 150. Woop! I feel like it’s the beginning of a new thing. I hope it is, but I don’t want to jink it… so I’m not saying anything. 😉
Other goals are so-so. I’ve not done any exercise this week, but have been walking a lot, and doing my knee exercises. Eating is going badly, but no change there. All others are so so.
So lets focus on the writing. I’m in a writing habit. Fingers crossed please for me staying in it!