Archive | May 27, 2012

Another Dip, But Straight Back On It

After my week in a row writing, I kind of fell off the wagon, but as  I was encouraged down by my buddy I don’t feel too bad, about Wednesday’s knock down anyway. I was spending time with my other half before he went rallying around Europe (well, that and I went to the pub and got slightly drunk!). That was also my excuse on Thursday (him going away, not the pub). On Friday I went to Brighton to see them off, and planned to write when I got back.

Unfortunately I started getting a cold Friday night, so when I got back here I was feeling really rough so couldn’t make myself write anything.

Yesterday I felt dreadful too (how is it possible, that after half a day on the beach, during the nicest/hottest days of the year so far I get a cold? Seriously?) so didn’t think I’d get anything done. I was alright with it, if I couldn’t take a day or two off when I’m ill then when can I, but then just before I went to bed I got some motivation, and wrote over 300 words. Woop. It may be 22.37 now, and I may need a shower to get the sun cream off, but I’m still planning on writing tonight. Obvioulsy, I’m not planning on being in bed by 11pm tonight!

Nothing else is going that well.

Last week was too busy for any exercise. I planned to go running, but never got round to it. I did walk to the further station a few times going/coming back from work. I also planned to go running over the weekend, but this cold wrecked that plan (they say if you’re ill below your neck you shouldn’t exercise – I’ve got a bad cough!). I manage to walk to the shop yesterday (just, I needed to sit down cause I had no energy when I got there!) and to the park today. Better than I could have done while feeling rough!  This week! Definitely this week.

Eating is still going badly, although over the weekend I’ve actually counted calories, so that’s a massive improvement. Yesterday I had 1591 calories, although that’s well over my 1200 goal, it’s less than I need in a day (about 1750), so good. Today I’ve had 1260, so only just over. Just. It’s a positive step. Tomorrow I’ll make it under 1200. I’m sure.

Hope everyone’s week goes as well as I’m planning mine doing!