Archive | May 30, 2012

Ill, But Not Doing Badly

Considering I’ve been ill all week, and off work, in terms of my goals, it’s actually been a pretty good week! Yippee!

Monday I really wasn’t feeling well, so I didn’t manage any writing. I did however make it to Tesco (10 mins away) to get some food. Didn’t feel up to it, but at least it was some exercise. Nothing to count towards my goals, but something. Eating was ok, 1388 calories. Not under 1200, but 1388, which really, isn’t too bad.

Yesterday was better. I was starting to feel, not better, but not as bad. I did some writing, and walked to Tesco, AND managed to eat less than 1200 calories. When I say less than, I actually mean on. 1200 calories. How I got so close I have no idea, I bet I’d never be able to do it again!

Today seems to be going even better. I’m feeling much much better. So much so, that I’m going to go back to work tonight. Yeah! I’ve got Friday off, so am going to be so busy tomorrow. I’m really not looking forward to it. Still, Friday off. Just a shame that when I have a day off, AND I’m feeling ok (cause I’m sure I will be by Friday) the weather is going to turn rubbish. Ah well.

So today. I’ve already written 383 words. All by hand as well. At the weekend I started writing from a prompt from my Ideas Book (The Writer’s Ideas Book by Jack Heffron) and have kept that going. I don’t think it’s going to lead anywhere, but it’s now over 1k words, so there’s something there. I’m enjoying it, even if it doesn’t go anywhere!

This is my second blog this week, so well on track for my 3 this week. I might even be able to get 4 in this week, perhaps even 5, who knows. I am very behind on my reviews for my reading challenges so really should get at least one of them up this week.

As I’m not doing any real exercise, I’ve not been doing my knee exercises. I know that’s really bad, but I’m going to try to rectify that one today – after I go for a walk, seeing as I’m feeling much better.

I hope everyone else’s week is going well too.