Changing Goals

It’s very late in the game, you may thing, for me to be changing my goals – with just two weeks of ROW80 to go – and you may be right, but this is me, I want to, so I’m going to.

I’ve got seven goals, five are daily and two are weekly. I’m going to change two of the daily ones. Here’s all seven though, how I’m doing on each, and which I’m changing, and why.

Goal 1 – write 150 words a day. Write 250 words per day – This is the most important goal for me. I’ve already changed it once, I started off at 100 words a day, then went to 150, now I’m leaping up to 250 Why? Well, I figure that 150 is quite easy, and quite often when I start writing I get over 200, sometimes over 300. If I can do 200, I can do 250. I want to get back into writing more, as well as more often. 150 is a really good goal, because psychologically it’s nothing, it is easy, therefore it’s easy for me to start writing. 250 isn’t such an easy goal, but hopefully it’s not too great that my screwed up mind doesn’t mind it. 2 weeks. 15 days actually. I could, technically, write 3,750 words in that time. Why not?

Goal 2 – Exercise/gym 3x a week. I’ve slacked on this lately. Last week I had the excuse I was ill, so really couldn’t. This week I have no excuse. 3x is not a massive amount. I don’t even have to do that much, just 10 minutes running or at the gym. I’m going to try to go running after work tomorrow. I might take my kit to work, so when I get home I’m all ready to go. I must do this, I need to get back into getting fit again.

Goal 3 – daily knee exercises. Technically as I’m not really exercising, I don’t really need to do these, but I know I shouldn’t think like that. If I kept up with my knee exercises every week, I wouldn’t have to start doing them once or twice a day when I start running again. From today, I’m getting back to this one.

Goal 4 – Eat 1,200 or less calories a day. Consume 1,200 calories a day NET. I’m doing pretty well on this. Well, I was last week, and I have today, the weekend was a wipe out, but I fully expected it to be, so I’m not going to be too hard on myself! Net calories is how many I’ve eaten, minus how many I’ve used exercising. In an ideal world I wouldn’t do this, I’d keep the goal at 1,200 calories food, but there are so many time in the last 1 weeks that I almost hit the goal, and had I have been taking my exercise calories into account I would have done. Today for instance, I’ve eaten 1237 calories, and burnt 200 calories exercising. Surely I shouldn’t get a red for that, I’ve done so well. I’m going to still aim for 1,200 in food, but if I go over a little it’s my safety net. Yeah, it’s my safety net.

Goal 5 – Five portions of fruit or Vegetables a day. I’m actually doing quite well – today I’ve even had 7. Today is not normal, but it shows how easy this goal is. I didn’t get ill, or a cold or cough all winter and I think doing this is one of the reasons why. Of course as I’m doing ok at this, it doesn’t explain why I was so ill last week, but I’m going to just brush over that!

Goal 6 – Bed before 11pm. This is on a ‘school’ night only, to try to get me to have a good night’s sleep. I don’t even have to turn the light out, I just have to be in bed. It’s important and I need to get in the habit of this (even if it means I’m reading for half an hour before boyfriend comes to bed).

Goal 7 – Three blogs a week. This is the only goal that I’m doing continually well for the whole of ROW80 this round. I have only missed four blogs so far in that whole time. How awesome is that. I don’t plan to drop the ball now, those four are going to be my only misses for the whole round. I guarantee.

So there we have it. 15 days left, lets make them good.

How are your ROW80 or otherwise goals going?

3 thoughts on “Changing Goals

  1. Awesome job boosting your writing goal up! Yay! Yay! Yay! That’s a fabulous focus and you’ll thank yourself for it. I’m wishing you the time to see this one through! As writers, time is a precious gift. Good luck!

  2. I love when people get into personal goals as well as writing ones. I find that this doesn’t do well for me. I need to sacrifice exercise and sleep to write. If I include those, I need to sacrifice something.

    Good luck! I hope you do well!

  3. I know how Jennifer feels. I tried incorporating some exercise goals, but it just didn’t work. I didn’t want to have them “attached” to my writing goals either.

    Yesterday we lost Ray Bradbury, a man who wrote every day of his adult life. My goals don’t say “write every day” but I’m thinking about changing that. I think I’d be a better writer if, on those days I don’t have time/inclination to write 1k, if I just wrote 100 words of whatever. It’s exercise. Even if the words end up in the trash can, it does me good to write them.

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