Oh dear. I’m being very bad at this blogging thing aren’t I. Which is especially bad, seeing as one of my last blogs was bragging about my 555th blog.

Of course another problem, which seems to go hand in hand with not blogging, is I’m  not writing. I can’t remember the last time I did any writing at all. How bad is that.

I don’t really know what I actually am doing. I’m not reading all that much either. I’m not going out all that much. What am I doing?

I’ve been thinking about my goals for ROW80, round 3. I haven’t really decided what they’re going to be, but I’m thinking about them, that has to be good.

I’m reading a book at the moment that I should be loving. I’ve heard other people who like the books I like, have liked it, and the premise is totally a chick lit story I should like. But, I’m not really. It feels like the story doesn’t have enough depth. No, not the story, but the characters. It worries me, because the way it’s written is very colloquial, like my style. I just worry that I’m not that good either.

I need to get over this worry. I’m probably worried because I’m not writing. When I am, I’m pretty confident about my writing. If I wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t keep writing, with the intention of trying to get published at some point. If I wasn’t confident about my writing I wouldn’t think that was possible, so wouldn’t bother.

So, I need to write. Really do.

I need to also start writing something solid. In the last few months I’ve not been concentrating on anything concrete, but just writing this and that as I went. I’d start stories and not know where they were going, so start something else. It’s better than nothing, but I don’t think I’m getting me anywhere.

Well, it’s too late tonight to start writing. I guess I’ll have to start tomorrow! Great excuse or what 😉


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