Archive | July 8, 2012

My Birthday Weekend (Read: Excuses For Not Writing!)

It was my birthday on Thursday, which obviously means I’ve pretty much spent the weekend celebrating, especially since my brother and his girlfriend were in town. Thursday I worked then boyfriend cooked me dinner. Friday I had the day off, so really should have done some writing, but I went shopping instead. We then had a night out.

Saturday we entertained my bro and his girlfriend by taking them sightseeing and then for dinner. Today they went home. And I’ve watched TV and finished reading my book. It’s now 10.30pm, and I’m just getting round to writing this, then I’ll quickly do 150 words or more, then bed.

As I checked in on Wednesday, which was the last time I did some writing, that really is all I can say. I think I can find some more though! 

The words I’m going to do tonight (and I am going to do them, I’m not just saying that), are hopefully going to be on my novel The Man of My Dreams. Wednesday’s words were on it, so it’s kind of fresh in my mind.

I still want to start editing it. I guess I could just read it through while I don’t have a printer, to see how it flows, then print and edit in August when I can get a printer. I dunno. As it’s late and I’m tired, today I’ll think about the words, tomorrow I’ll think of the bigger picture.

I hope everyone’s had a more productive weekend than me – here’s to a better week.