Archive | July 15, 2012

Ok, Start Again

I’d like to apologise to everyone who regularly reads this blog. All the posts about how I’ve not done any writing, and THIS will be the week that I start again, must be getting boring. So sorry for them in the past, and sorry that I’m having to write one again today.

I have no excuses this week either. I’ve just not thought about writing.

My boyfriend upset me the other day by saying that I didn’t want to be a writer, how could I when I’ve not written anything of any sustenance for six months? I argued, saying I’m just stuck in the novel, and don’t know where to go with it. I think about it a lot. I think I do anyway. A little at least.

I went home this weekend. When I got there on Friday, I was chatting to my mum about her writing course, the one that I’m ‘doing’ she’s also doing. I showed her a couple of my assignments, and I was really impressed with them. I actually enjoyed reading them. I’m not a bad writer at all. So really I should get on with writing.

After I’d shown her a couple of assignments, I started telling her about The Man of My Dreams (the current novel I’m writing). I got quite excited about it, and she wanted to read it. I’d not given it to anyone before, so have had no opinions. I showed her a couple of bits, which she really liked. That’s good. I’d like to think that she’d tell me if she didn’t like it. I’m sure she would. No, I know she would!

So now I’ve got it in my head again. I’ve still got this ‘I don’t know where I’m going with it’ thing in my head, but am now thinking it might not be as bad as I think. I might be able to  go forward from where I currently am. I mean I might not, I might have to go back and delete the previous 20k ish (I won’t cry, I won’t cry), but that’s fine. Well, I hope it will be.

We also got talking about the tense – I’m writing it in past, but I think it might be better to be in present. I’m writing it very much how she thinks, but I’m not sure it’s working in past tense. Having said that, when I read the bits back on Friday, I thought it sounded ok. I think I really need to read it all, or more, to see how it sounds. If I’m going to change it to present tense, do I really want to carry on writing it now?

Actually, yes I do. Like I said a while ago, I’m not going to get a printer for another maybe 6 weeks. Boyfriend has said he’ll print some of it off at work, so that’s good, but it’s well over 100 pages, and that’s single spacing. Well more double spaced, which I’d ideally like. He’s only just started the job, so I don’t want to get him in trouble for printing off a whole load of stuff that isn’t work. I should write until I can print. Or, as Emily suggested, stop moaning and go to a shop to get it printed (ok, so I said the stop moaning bit!).

Ok, I’m off. I’m going to do some writing before I decide it’s too late before bed. I’ll try my hardest to write this week. My goal is 150 words a day, it’s really not that hard. REALLY NOT THAT HARD!