Another ‘Remember Me?’ Posts

I’m not sure, but I think this must be the worst I’ve been at blogging ever. Not good. Still, every mountain climbed starts with one step, this is my one step.

I massively have to thank my ROW80 buddy Laura for this. She text me the other day saying we really needed to (both!) start writing again. She came up with a brilliant idea for us to play a game of tag. Each one of us has to write to tag in the other person. So in theory, today Laura was first so I couldn’t write until she tagged me in. Then when she did, she couldn’t write tomorrow until I tagged her back in (but today!). Of course, not being tagged in shouldn’t really stop the other person from not writing, but it’s a push when you know someone is waiting for you.

So far it’s working. I’ve written 3 days in a row. That’s pretty awesome!

I went away over the weekend (I won’t bore you with how awesome it was lying by the pool in my aunt’s garden – just 45 minutes from London!) and got back late Sunday. Because Laura had pushed me, I actually wrote when I got in, instead of going straight to sleep (although there was a moment when I fell asleep with a pen in my hand…).

The greatest thing about 2 days of the writing is that it’s been on The Man of My Dreams. It’s that section that goes back from maybe 3k before I’d finished writing and started that bit over. The real mid-end-ing bit. The one I’d already planned. The problem is, it’s been so long since I wrote it, there’s a few things I’m really not sure about.

I’m going to put a word copy of the novel on my phone and see if I can read it. Then I might try reading it on the way to work etc.

I’ve just remembered, I STILL haven’t got LAST month’s book club book to read. We’re meeting NEXT TUESDAY. I really don’t think I’m going to get it and read it by then. Not if I want to do anything else in that time (I have a very busy end of week/weekend planned). Oh well.

Right, I’ll try to make another change and actually visit some other blogs. One day I might actually get back into this writing/blogging/online community thing!


3 thoughts on “Another ‘Remember Me?’ Posts

  1. Your game of tag sounds like a great idea and I can imagine if you know someone is waiting for you it must be a great motivator! I know what you mean about losing track of details, I have just started a new project and already I have thrown in names or details and can’t remember what they were.

    I hope your writing streak keeps going and you have a great, productive week!!

  2. That sounds like such fun! Glad you’ve gotten in some consistent writing days. How was the Olympic volunteering??! I’d imagine that excitement put you behind a little bit. Don’t stress over the Remember Me posts lol. We love to hear from you no matter what 😀 Have a good week!

  3. I know that feeling about book club. I am currently reading my book club’s choice…from 4 months ago. :p

    You’re doing great with the writing. Keep it up! Have a wonderful ROW80.

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