Could Be Better… But Could Be Worse

I’m doing ok at the moment. I’ve missed a couple of days writing through weddings, preparing to go away and stuff, but I’m mostly writing, and more importantly I’m thinking about it.

In the last round of ROW80 (probably May & June) I really wasn’t even thinking about writing, it’s like it just went off my radar completely. Yeah, sometimes it would slip in, and I’d sometimes do something about it, but now I’m getting better – even if I’m not doing any, I’m aware I’m not doing any. If that makes sense.

The ‘game’ of tag I’m playing with my buddy Laura is what’s making me write. Each day we have to tag each other in to write – supposedly not being able to write until the other one tags us (obviously that one doesn’t happen, but it’s good thinking it happens to I get pushed to write so Laura can). I haven’t told her, but I’m almost taking it as a competition, trying to tag her first each day. I’m terrible, but it’s working to push me, and hopefully it’s working to push Laura to want to get in first (if she didn’t realise that’s what I’m doing, she will now!!).

The best thing about this writing that I’m doing, is that it’s on the novel The Man of My Dreams. Granted I’m only writing 100 – 250 words a day, but I’m writing on it.

On Thursday we went up to Stoke (2.5 hours on the train). After writing my 150+ words (I’m not keeping count – oops!) I started reading the novel back from the beginning. It wasn’t half bad you know. I don’t think it was earth shattering, but I think it was ok. I know I need to improve the opening chapter, or maybe cut it out completely, and I know I need to jazz up the first 6 pages (A4) that I read, but so far, I think the story is pretty good.

It’s later on that I need to get to so I can sort out where I’m going at the end – i.e. what I’m trying to write now, but haven’t decided which way to go with it – should I stick to what I’ve written, or change to go with the original idea I had – which I think is actually better, and more realistic. Hmmmm. I’ll just have to keep reading and find out.

So how’s your week been?


5 thoughts on “Could Be Better… But Could Be Worse

  1. I think the first chapter is the hardest bit to get right. I guess you could write brief outlines for both your original idea and the current one and see which one you like best before writing them out completely? Not that it is always successful, but sometimes it’s much less annoying to change an outline than to change half a novel lol Good luck 🙂

  2. 200-ish words a day is perfectly respectable if that’s what you can sustain, and it’s great that you’ve been hitting it every day. Though you might find yourself writing more if you stopped reading your work.
    I try very hard not to read over what I write until it’s all done. It slows me down, gives my Inner Critic too much leverage, and usually results in my second-guessing everything from specific scenes to whole characters.
    Every writer is different, but most of the ones I know (myself included), tend to follow Satchel Paige’s advice on the first draft: “Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.”

  3. Glad to hear writing is on your radar again and like you said, some words are better than none. So glad to hear you feel positive after reading through your novel and can already see way to improve it. Think editing is something I am going to have to tackle soon.

    Have a great week!!!

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