Sunday Check-in

11 days ago, I was writing a blog, during the Paralympic Opening ceremony. Today, I’m writing another watching the closing ceremony. I can’t believe it’s over. London 2012 is over. It’s so sad. This summer has been brilliant to live in London. I don’t know what we’re going to do now.

This week has been… disappointing. I had such plans for it. But things just kept coming up, and I didn’t have the will power, or want to stop them stopping me. Monday I got offered a job (yay!) so we went out to celebrate. Wednesday my other half won a VIP table at a club, which lead to a hangover Thursday. Friday I’d always had plans, but I hadn’t planned on the hangover on Saturday. I had a fun week, but writing and exercise suffered.

My goals were:

Writing: 100 words Monday – Wednesday and Friday – Sunday. 1,000 words Thursday.

Exercise: Walk home from work one day. Go to the gym once. Walk another 6km

Blogging: Write 2x check-in blogs. Write a book review blog. Write another blog.

And this is what I did:

Writing: I wrote over 100 words on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. Oh, and I probably will tonight. So really, I only missed Wednesday and Friday for the 100 words goal. Not great, but I was out both nights. I need to start writing in my lunch break if I’m going out. It’s just hard when I’m so busy (I hardly take lunch breaks!). Hopefully the new job will be better.

Thursday is the disappointment. I didn’t manage 1,000 for One Thousand Thursday. I got 380. So disappointed with myself for that. The only reason is that I was hungover and tired after work and didn’t have the energy to start until late, and then I was too late. Sigh.

Exercise was slightly better. I didn’t make it to the gym. Please don’t laugh at the excuse – I couldn’t find my clothes. Honestly. I was late for work on Tuesday looking for them. Rar. Walking was better. I should have walked about 11/12 in total. TODAY I walked 10. Over the 7 days, I walked 25km. That’s not including walking to and from the tube, which is about 5 minutes each time.

I’m really, really happy with that. I did make a lot of effort, as you can tell.

Blogging has been shocking. I can’t be sure, but I think today is my first blog all week. Definitely no check-in on Wednesday, and no book review. I don’t think I did any others.

So, it’s not been a great week. This one coming WILL be better.

I’m going to keep my goals the same as they were last week I think. They’re good goals. And, if I’m good, they’re achievable. Lets see…

2 thoughts on “Sunday Check-in

  1. Congratulations on your new job! How exciting!! It is so hard when things crop up and interfere but that is life and like you said the days you didn’t write you were out. I cannot believe I forgot about thousand word Thursday and am going to try my best this week!!!

    Have a great week!

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