End of Week Round Up

I must say, although I’m not writing everyday, I’m doing really well. But then I would say that as I’ve just written 1,828 words Yes in 1 go, in 1 day, in an hour and a bit, ish.

Lets look at that again – 1,828. Wow!

Unfortunately, although I’ve just done this many words, I haven’t smashed my weekly goal like I would have liked – mainly because my weekly goal isn’t a weekly goal, it’s a daily goal, and I’ve not been writing daily.

So, lets see how I’ve done this week, on writing and other goals:

Writing: Write 100 words Mon – Wed and Fri – Sun
Monday – 354
Tuesday – 167
Wednesday – None
Thursday (One Thousand Thursday) – 1,001
Friday – None
Saturday – None
Sunday – 1,828

So, I’m not writing everyday, but when I’m wriitng, I’m really writing. I can’t knock myself when I’m doing so well. I’ll just try for every day this week. Imagine if I could write 1,000 words a day this week…

Exercise: Gym once, walk 11km.
I didn’t go to the gym, but I went for a run on Tuesday night. It was a really good run, so I’m totally counting that as a tick.
Walked 14.5km. 

Brilliant. I’m very happy with that. Especially because as soon as I’ve finished this, I’m going to go for a run. I don’t want to get ahead of myself and say this is a pattern, but it’s definitely a good start.

Blogging: 2 Check-in blogs, 1 book review blog, 1 other blog.
This is my second ROW80 Check-in
I posted a review of Marian Keyes’ The Mystery of Mercy Close on Tuesday
I posted a blog on Monday about the event I’d been to with SJ Watson and Rachel Joyce AND one yesterday about my progress on the reading challenges I’m doing this year. 

Tick, tick, tick.

That’s what I call a good week. I’m so happy. Having such a successful week under my belt is a massive motivation for me. I don’t want to do badly this week, I want to build on the success of this week. You know what? I totally can, and I totally will.

My goals for this week then:

Writing: 100 words Mon – Wed, 1,000 words Thursday, 200 words Fri – Sun. Yes, I’m upping the goal Fri – Sun. Why not, I can do it.

Exercise: gym or run twice, walk 15km. Well, I managed 14.5km this week, so why not 15 next? Why not indeed.

Blogging: Same as last week completely: 2 Check-in blogs, 1 book review and 1 other blog.

Hope everyone else’s week has gone as well, and that next week rocks for you!


3 thoughts on “End of Week Round Up

  1. Congrats on your progress, even if it wasn’t what you’d hoped for. I have a hard time writing every day – some days, there’s just too many other things that need to be done, and the writing has to be pushed aside. Other days, the other stuff gets pushed aside. 🙂 Keep up the good work, and have a great week!

  2. It looks to me like you’re doing great with your goals! I don’t write/edit 7 days a week. I know some people recommend it, but I usually need a day off. Find what works for you and go after that word count. Best wishes!

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