The End = Kiss of Death For Writing

Hi! Remember me? You may have seen me here before, a week or so ago (maybe two, I daren’t look) . I blogged about how I’d written the last words of my novel (I think I did, I may have only tweeted it). I said I had to go back and write more to fill in gaps in the middle, but that at least I’d got to the end.

Do you want to guess how many words I’ve written since then? Actually, I’ve written 1,000. But that was last Thursday. I’ve written nothing since.

Worse than that though, I’ve just realised it’s Thursday, which means it’s One Thousand Thursday. Awww. That means I’m going to have to write 1,000 words tonight. Last week I wrote 1,000 words from a random prompt. I feel like I should go back to the novel, fill in the middle. The problem is, I can’t remember what is in the middle, so I’m not really sure what I have to fill in.

As I’m writing this, I’ve been thinking about which scene I could write, and I’ve decided. It does mean that the last scene I wrote needs to change, but that’s hardly a surprise is it. Now there’s an awesome bit of multi-taking.

I’ll tell you what I have been getting good at since I stopped writing (and blogging, but I’ve not even got to that!) – exercise. Or good-ish anyway. Today I had planned to go running, but I left work late so it would have been dark when I was running. Running in the dark doesn’t really appeal to me. Even though I can run in really public areas. It’s why I like the gym in winter. When I can make myself go.

So I missed today, but, on Tuesday, I went, to my very first, ever, spinning class. Apparently I’d agreed to it when drunk. Actually no, I’d insisted my friend took me to her class when I was drunk. I had no idea until she text me on Monday asking if I was still up for it. I nearly died when I read it.

But I knew it was a good idea so I went along with it.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve heard anything about spinning classes, but they’re supposed to be really, REALLY hard. People crawl away because they’re so hard. I’ve never been to a class, thinking it would be incredibly hard.

3 minutes into the class I was wishing it was over. It was a 45 minute class. 3 minutes in. 3. The next 17 minutes were hell. Then it got a bit easier. Or I started missing bits out. Either way. I walked away. Just. I was expecting massive pain on Wednesday, but I had none (except from sitting on the stupid seat – that hurt, still hurts!). So I expected the pain to come today. Still nothing.

Now, I wouldn’t usually be upset that I’m not in pain. But I am. They say ‘No pain, no gain’ for a reason. Now I feel like I didn’t work hard enough. I’m pretty sure I would have thrown up if I’d have worked any harder though. I felt close at the end.

What have I learnt from this experience? Apparently nothing, because I’ve looked up classes at my gym, and am going to book myself in for Monday or Tuesday. Yes, I think I’m mad.

So back to writing, or moving on to blogging I guess. I’ve been so bad. I can’t look at when I last blogged. But I know it was a Loooooooong time ago. I really enjoy blogging so I need to get back into it. I also need to catch up on some book reviews.

I’m not reading too much at the moment either. I’m a bit apathetic about the novel I’m reading at the moment, so it’s not making me really want to read. It’s ok, but it’s not brilliant. Which is strange because my step Mum recommended it to me, and usually I like what she likes.

Right, enough of this. I need to go write 1,000 words. And then I need an early night, because I’ve got an early start in the morning. Sigh. Least it’s Friday, and even better, I’ve got a half day tomorrow. Woo hoo!


2 thoughts on “The End = Kiss of Death For Writing

    • Hi,
      Thanks for tagging me. Unfortunatly I’ve just got too much on at the moment to be able to take part (esp since you said yourself how long it takes). I’ll definitely stop over at the other tagees though to look!
      Thanks again,

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