All That Glitters by @Ilana Fox Review

Ella Aldridge seems to have it all. Married to Danny Riding, one of the Premiership’s leading goal-scorers, she lives the dream – the mansion, the car, the freebie designer clothes. But Ella and Danny have a secret. Their marriage is not what is seems. Between them, it takes a lot of hard work to fool the press and the nation that they really are Love’s Young Dream, when deep down Danny’s desires lie elsewhere.

With Ella’s star in the ascendant, the world is at her feet – a TV show, a fashion column. But then she meets Johnny Cooper, the bad boy of British television. He’s ruthlessly charming and sexy, and he can see through Ella’s sham of a marriage in a heartbeat. Drawn into a risky, high-octane affair, Ella suddenly realises how much she has to lose and how quickly it can be taken from her…

I first heard of Ilana Fox when she’d just released her first novel Spotlight. I was only semi interested, because I’m not that big on the whole celebrity thing. Nonetheless I entered a competition on to win a copy of the book, and won – wow! This was way back before Laura was my ROW80 buddy and friend. I got the book, but didn’t read it for a while.

When I finally got round to, I absolutely loved it. Celebrity lifestyle and all. Somehow I missed the release of The Making of Mia, so haven’t read that, but then I heard about All That Glitters and knew I couldn’t miss that – especially as I was going to the book launch party 😉

I totally loved All That Glitters too. I think the reason I liked them both so much is that the main characters are so realistic, and they’re just normal people like me and you (presuming you’re normal, ha). Although Ella is leading this amazing WAG lifestyle, she’s just a normal girl from a normal family who happened to meet a rich, premiership football player and marry him.

I thought the novel was going to be a little predictable, but it surprised me, which was great.

I’d throughly recommend All That Glitters, and I’m totally going to get hold of The Making of Mia and read that too!

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