Archive | October 21, 2012

Pointless Sunday Check-in

Oh dear. Another few days have gone by without me doing some writing. Again. I’ve got excuses though – busy at work, a night out, a hangover, shopping, a night out, and well, none today. Unless I can say reading and cooking is an excuse?

This week coming should be better. I’m going home to my Mum’s tomorrow (an hour and half on the train), then back to London on Tuesday (slower train, so two and half hours), so that’s  good bit of time to write. I’m out Wednesday and Thursday and Saturday, so they won’t be so good. I’m going to lower my goal – instead of writing every day, I’ll write 5 days. Here are my goals:

Writing – write 100 words 5 days.

Blogging – Wednesday and Sunday check-ins, and 2 book reviews.

Exercise – gym or run twice

Eating – 1400 or less calories 5 days and 500 calories 1 day.

Running is getting hard to do for me – trying to force myself out when it’s cold is very hard. Gym is good. I went this week, which I’m really happy with, it’s the first time that’s always the hardest. After the first time, I always find it easier to go the next time.

I didn’t manage the fasting day this week, there always seemed to be some reason. I’ll try harder this week.

So those are my goals.

This week also has the NaNo kick off party on Thursday (and one on Sunday, but I can’t make that). Can’t wait. Although I still need to come up with more idea for the novel. Maybe I’ll do that instead of writing some days.