NaNoWriMo – The First Week

Well that’s gone quickly hasn’t it – the first six days are done, tomorrow (Wednesday – I’m writing my check-in a day early). So far, tt’s not going to plan.

The plan is 1,667 words a day – the NaNo goal. In actual fact, I’ve achieved:

  Day Word Goal Total Written Written Per Day
Thursday 1 1667 708 708
Friday 2 3334 868 160
Saturday 3 5000 1183 315
Sunday 4 6667 3246 2063
Monday  5 8334 5017 1771
Tuesday 6 10000 6843 1826

So, really, I’m getting better. Better than the first few days anyway. The last three days I’ve consistently got over 1,667, so that’s a really good direction to be going in.

Not sure how I’m going to do tomorrow, as I’ve got a course all day, then I’m meeting a friend, (my ROW80 buddy Laura) before going to a contemporary fiction networking event – Jojo Moyes, Cecelia Ahern and Harriet Evans are going to be there. EXCITED. It’s only on until 8.30, but I imagine I won’t get anything done when I get home.

Laura and I are meeting in a bookshop, probably in the cafe, a couple of hours before the event, so maybe, hopefully, I’ll get some writing done in that time.

My goal for the rest of the week is to catch up. I’m slowly clawing my way back, but as of right now, I’m still 3,157 behind, meaning if I was to catch up tomorrow, I’d need to write 1,667 plus 3,167, so = 4,834. Ah. I’m not catching up tomorrow. But by Sunday night, I will be at 18,334.

18,334, that seems like an awful lot!

I’m going to a hen party on Friday. That means I’ve got the hour journey ‘home’ to write (where we’re meeting), then on Sunday the two-hour journey back from Liverpool (where we’re going Saturday). Not sure how productive the one on Sunday will be (but I did get a first class upgrade for £2.50 – result!), or how much I’ll get done on Saturday (we’re driving up to Liverpool). That probably means I should get ahead before then. When? Oh I don’t know. Still, I must have caught up by Sunday.

All my other goals are out the window. Well, I didn’t make any other goals this week (other than blogging, and this is one of the two). The last couple of days I have not been able to stop eating. It’s terrible. I imagine it’s the cold. And writing. I always seem to eat more when I’m writing, because I need more breaks, and procrastination.

I went to my first write-in for NaNo this year tonight. It was really good. Yumchaa Tea is my favourite NaNo location from the last two years. It’s this quirky little tea shop in central london, with odd tables, chairs and sofas, and weird plates and cups and stuff. We take over the whole of the basement. It’s awesome.

Tonight I didn’t feel like writing. My story wasn’t calling to me. I was twittering a lot in the first 45 minute writing session. I went to talk to a couple of people in the chat break, mainly to complain I wasn’t feeling it. We talked about my novel, and they gave me some ideas, but I knew I couldn’t go with any of them. That made me realise I was further along than I thought, because I knew for sure their ideas wouldn’t work. One of the girls then challenged me to write over 1,00o in the second 45 minute write session.

Well, you know me and a challenge.

I managed it, and more, and got some thinking about the plot done. In fact, I got 1,100+ the second half. They did a count up of who did the most. There were only 4 of us that wrote more than 1,000 (I think there were 30 people there), so we got stickers. Only I got a sticker at the kick-off party, so I got a mini box of Frosties instead. What an awesome encouragement!

So now I’m feeling more hopeful about the novel. That is possibly because I’ve realised I need my ‘storyboard.’ For me, my storyboard is a wall covered in post-it notes detailing the main events in the novel. I’ve found before, if I have these to work to I do ok, if I don’t (one year I had a loose plan and nothing else) I go off topic and make things longer than should be and it all gets into a mess.

So a wall of post-its it is.

Hope the boyfriend doesn’t mind!

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